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"I is teh awesome!"

Giygas on Giygas

"It's a me, Mario!"

Mario on Giygas

"Bonjour! Je m'appelle Francis!"

George Bush on George Bush

Giygas (AKA Satan (AKA Me (AKA Thomas Jefferson))) is pretty Damn awesome! Although people claim that he is from another planet and that he is "evil" he is actually a vampire elk. He is depicted as a red cloud with a stupid face and giant teeth but that was a picture taken by Shigetshi Itoi before he became St. Patrick. Giygas is a really good guy, except for the fact he is also a terrorist. his demands are only:

  1. All Chinese people should be called flogalpoodles
  2. That Paris Hilton should do him
  3. The extermination of mankind espescially 13 year old boys with psychic powers

We were happy to do the first two demands but we kind of liked living, so he continued to commit acts of terrorism and tortuing people with a R in their name.


His first bomb happend on the 4th December 1999992459 or also known as the fourth of july (Many people forget what the holidays about so they party anyway) He also took George Bush and Mc Cain hostage and ticked their feet till they told him to stop, Mc Cain was cripped because of this, Bush turned Retarded.


Giygas also ran for president of France. He undoubtedly won after this speech:

Giygas: Yo ma Broves, I is teh Awesomest so ya'll should vote for me! I will give you an empire, soon the earth will be filled with snooty French like yourselves!

French: Le Hooray! Giygas, Giygas!

They soon all got extremly drunk and took over the UK.

After Terrorism[edit]

Giygas dismissed his earlier attempts at terrorism as: Retarded. He got extremely boring and played Black Jack without card counting. Then he started to sniff Cocaine, went insane and started to go on killing sprees when he lost a game of Black Jack. Then he started a whole bunch of companies including:




The Catholic church

and My Little Pony

After War[edit]

Giygas is the main cause for alot of bad things:



Pearl Harbour

Gay marrige to be legalized in New Jersey

And finally World War 2

But he lost WW2 and blamed Kentukey, So afterwards he had to do something. First he tried playing cards but when he lost he went on a killing spree. Then he tried another war, and lost and went on a killing spree. Then he tried playing video games but he played Earthbound, got mad and went on a killing spree. Nowadays he just sits around eating donuts (and sometimes cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse)