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For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the so-called experts at Wikipedia think they have an article about Globalization.
Accurate computer generated simulation of a fully globalized world. Any similarities with a demonic bird laughing at us is a coincidence.

“The U.S. calls it 'surprise sex.' We call it 'rape.'”

~ Mexican Farmer on Globalization

Globalization is a highly epidemic disease (Caused, some say, due to excessive exposure to Capitalism©)that causes the destruction of all forms of culture, and the formation of a single monoculture based on the "American Way of Life™". For example, if you live in Mexico and want to eat a burito, you'll have to go to Italy, in a Indian restaurant, where a British waiter will take your order and a French chef will prepare it. Then you'll have to eat it while hearing awful American music in a Japanese stereo.

Sometimes this is used on AP US essays, however, most students have absolutely ZERO idea of what it is. So what is globalization?

Globalization is extremly gay, you dont need to know it in high school, jut go by a corndog from macs...and get me one too

Common Symptoms[edit]

New China's flag. The last "Communist" country in the world want us to know they mean business.
  • You can say either "software", "hardware", "web" or "internet" to an infected person that doesn't speak English and he\she will not have a blank dumb look on the face.
  • If you are living in a third world country, the great majority of people have a strange compulsion to work in foreign companies, where they are paid a little more than in national companies but a lot less than what the companies would pay for people of their own country. Also, health insurance is already provided for the workers by their home countries.
  • If you are living in a first world country, the great majority of the jobs are taken by Illegal aliens and other underpaid foreign losers.
  • People start caring about who is the president of the United States (although that's not their fault, see next symptom).
  • Infected people become part of the happy american family, and think their great patriarch (see previous symptom) can tell them what to do.
  • Hollywood movies are strangely compelling.
  • The ratio of ads on any information medium raises in a geometric scale every three years.
  • If you are from outside America you have an urge to dump your own country's culture and tradition.
  • You starts to think that all Muslims are evil.

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