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Godot! is a 1983, action comedy adaptation of Samuel Beckett's play Waiting for Godot It was directed by Michael Bay and stars Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence. It was widely praised for staying faithful to the general theme of the play.

Cast List[edit]


The plot of the movie, like the play, can be divided into two acts.

Act 1[edit]

The movie opens on LAPD homicide detective Ray Vladimir, and his partner John Whiteman about to bust a large counterfeiting operation in an abandoned harbor warehouse, led by the mysterious Robert Godot. John Whiteman dies in the resulting gunfight, and Godot, his murderer, gets away. Ray, holding his partner's body in his hands, swears revenge.

Ray strongly protests, but is nevertheless assigned a new partner, Chuck Estragon, by his captain, Al Howard . The characters of neat and disciplined Ray, and 'loose cannon' Chuck instantly clash. They begin investigation of Whiteman's murder and soon hit upon the trail of mafia leader Robert Godot, for whom Schwartzman was working. Upon returning to the office however, Howard orders them to stop the investigation of Whiteman's murder, on the orders of FBI agents Pozzo and Lucky. Pozzo and Lucky claim to have evidence that Ray and Chuck have been using their position in the LAPD to sell "favors" to schoolchildren and Ray and Chuck are sent to prison, where they share a cell.

In prison Ray and Chuck are forced to live together in close quarters, which leads to various hilarious moments (such as the infamous shower scene, where Chuck is brutally raped, or the mess hall fistfight, where, somehow Ray chokes on a fist). In the end, however, they manage to accept their situation and even decide to break out, and clear their name. A number of their schemes to break out fail miserably (and humorously), but the two eventually manage to escape, by stealing the warden's private jet.

Act 2[edit]

Once broken out, with the FBI in hot pursuit, they find Godot and agent Pozzo loading illegal firearms, counterfeit money, and kilo's of heroin into a helicopter, and a shootout ensues. Godot and Pozzo manage to take off in the helicopter, but a risky jump allows Ray grab on to the helicopter, after which Chuck grabs on to Ray. Schwartzmann tries to shake the two off, but fails and the helicopter crashes into the Seattle Space Needle. A dramatic fistfight on top of the space needle ensues. Eventually, Godot loses his balance, and almost falls over the edge. Ray instinctively grabs his hand. Ray has the possibility to save him, and is forced to choose between humanity and revenge. He decides to save him, but as Godot climbs up, he draws a gun and points it at Ray, leaving ray defenseless. Just then Chuck shoots Godot in the shoulder, causing him to fall over the edge, and being impaled by a fenced post.

The famous last scene from the movie shows Ray and Chuck, sitting in a diner around sunset, drinking coffee and discussing the previous night. The movie ends with the famous lines:

Ray: You wanna get raped?
Chuck: Yeah, lets go.

After which Ray pays the bill and they both leave.


  • Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwatzenegger were at one point slated to play Chuck and Ray. When Michael Bay took over as director, he decided the script needed "more jokes" and the parts were recast.
  • For the final Space Needle Scene, a fake Space Needle was constructed just outside Vancouver, allowing the director more freedom in shooting the scene.
  • The famous "horse underwear" dialog was completely ad-libbed.


  • Vladimir: "Now don'cha be talking 'bout my momma like that."
  • Godot: "Go on, you can't save me. In the the end you're just a killer, like me. No better, no worse."
    Vladimir: "I ain't gonna kill you, motherfucka. I wanna see you rot in jail."