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What came first? The Golden Gate Bridge or The Golden Gate Bike?

The Golden Gate Bridge located in San Franscsiscsco San Francisscso Fransisco Francisco is a suspension bridge. It was suspended due to drug abuse, drug abuse which is responsible for that shiny red coat that all the other bridges are so jealous of. The Golden Gate Bridge is famous for taking people from A to B and if they want from B to A. The Golden Gate Bridge is perhaps best known as the official home of Jump For Joy!

Jump For Joy[edit]

The annual competition that brings depressed, suicidal, diving fanatics alike from around the world together in one, very high and deadly location. The aim of the game is very basic, the most stylish death will be rewarded with a state-of-the-art coffin of the widowers choice.

Triple backwards sumersault piked. Dificulty rating 3.7

In recent years critics have criticized (surprise surprise) the decreasing number of contestants at the Jump for Joy competition. The lack of new competitors The number of fatalities at the contest isn't terribly good. Below a spokesman for JFJ admitted:

Cquote1.png Recent figures suggest that approximately, about, around an estamate of 100% of divers die. It has to be stressed that this is only a blunt guess, a wild stab in the dark, something to be taken with a pinch of salt, and is probably an over-the-top statement... but yeh, none of the divers have ever dived twice... Cquote2.png

Before the bridge[edit]

Before the bridge was erected, there was no way for lazy Californians to get across the bridge other than taking part in physical exercise. The South Americans saw a hole in the market and quickly set about using the boats that shipped their illegal asses into the country as ferries. When the Californian government caught wind that foreiners were making money in their state they immediately put an end to it.

Cquote1.png BUILD A BRIDGE! Cquote2.png

The bridges building was delayed for a very very long time because the Americans were busy killing Nazisand then being all depressed for a few years before then fighting another load od Nazi's who really werent getting the idea.