Golden Mean

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The Golden Mean, also known as the lame pi, is a value referenced by many Classical philosophers, for no particular reason. The value, approximately 1.435, is integral to the study of Quantum physics.

This number was discovered when Leonardo Da Vinci was flossing, and found out his used dental floss had perfect relation between radii and lenght for the construction of Time machines and Television. Unfortunately for him, his invention was too advanced for his time, since Quantum theory was still not developed by the great scientists of the past century, as Madonna and Paris Hilton (person).

Since the fallen of Da Vinci, the truth of the value is in debate, probably due to the fact that Quantum physics dictates that no number's value can be known anyway. However, on his late notes, he declared that no matter how much people try to achieve it, and that's supported by the Einsteinian model and the Modern Quantum Theory, that "no ho in da block will get 'er floss as shitty as mine, yo!"