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Good Ole Boys never mean no harm, and usually are in a perpetual state of "Trouble with the Law", such condition has been known to persist throughout their lives beginnign from as early as the day they were born.


Good old boys have been known to be employed as Road Crew members trained to remove curves from local back country roads and excavate Hills for bypasses and motorways.

Good ole boys are known to have a lifelong vendetta with whatever local mountain they may have offended due in part to the Genocidal way they dealt with the Mountains Children (the Hills).

Due to the pitiful circumstances they are forced to Make their way, any way that they are capable, and being already in Troubele with the Law, they usually exceed the limits of it in the process of Making their way.

Familial Relations[edit]

It is notable that Regardless of the manner in which the Good Ole Boys lived in 99% of the cases, their Momma loves them regardless of their offsprings showing of their hands and not their faces when on Television this Familial Bond is also expressed via the Good Ole Boys Retired Moonshine making Uncle, who was at one time a Good Ole Boy himself, and their Hot Cousin who wears her skimpiest outfits, and while Not a Good Ole Boy herself has probably had "relations" with a few.

In depth[edit]

Good Ole boys are what Rednecks think they are, for simply put, Rednecks are just stupid enough to think that they have Morals and ethics which they dont and the Good Ole Boy does, Good ole boys actually usually just think that they are folks.