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“AEIOU, and sometimes W”

~ Afroman on grammar

“Trust me, I'm done grammar school, and passed also, think I do now realize, how speak to English do I, with speaking of English is almost perfect of me!”

~ Some Asian loser on using the Babel Fish translator to try and make it sound like he knows English

“I do good at grammar!”

~ Someone good at grammar on Grammar

“I is the king of Rome, and above grammar”

~ Sigismund, Holy Roman Emperor on Grammar

“I is in the Killers, and above grammar”

~ Brandon Flowers, Killer on Grammar

Grammer (1999-2007) (occasionally seen as "grammar") is a mythical* structureded sets of rules defininged the usages on words, plus, also, phraseses without sentences. It was firstly thoughted by some ancient Greek sophiphiles.

* Conspiracy theorists believe it.


like omg!

The original Greek's grammer pantheon consisted of multiple rule, quite referals to different part of Borat. For instance, "noun" were the Greek grammars of object, and "verbs" was the Greek grammar of actions, although there were regional variations in who followed which grammers. As times progressed, and civilizations rise and fell, the property of all these grammers was combined into a single grammers called "spellcheck". Any sentence which were pleasing to spellcheck would then is digests by the masses as truths. However, different peoples from different area using different spellcheckers, and this will been the causes of many major war (such as crusade and the war of the proses). Grammar the Untouchable, the English hero of grammar, has recently been re-discovered by historians.

Grammar was later reinvented and copyrighted by pill-popping Mussolini-lovechild Kelsey Grammar, who egotistically renamed it after himself. Since grammar was already known as grammar, there was no change in the spelling or pronunciation of the word, but Grammar claimed royalties on any profits incurred from the use of grammar, including any written or verbal literature whatsoever. So every time you hear, read, speak or write a fully-formed sentence, Kelsey Grammar earns seven cents. Grammar does not profit from text messaging or internet forums, where grammar is largely redundant.

Arrogant fool Kelsey Grammar.

The Greek sophiphiles who originally invented grammar back in olden days would probably have been appalled by this grammatical profiteering, and might reasonably have sued Grammar over the intellectual property of grammar, but they had all died a very long time ago by this point.

The world record for grammar is currently held by Hollywood actor Denzel Washington, who used nineteen consecutive conjunctions in a meaningful sentence during a screen test in 2006. Unfortunately, the sentence was not recorded, and Washington has claimed that he "just can't remember it word for word". Kelsey Grammar has refused to acknowledge Washington's achievement, telling anybody who is interested that "grammar is not a competitive activity. it's a money-making enterprise".

Denzel Washington will star in the forthcoming Grammar: The Movie, as 'KG', a character based heavily on Kelsey Grammar. Despite royalties he will receive from the film, Grammar has publicly opposed the production, famously remarking that "black dudes can't do grammar". He later claimed that his comment referred only to the implausibility of a black actor cast to play him (Grammar rather than grammar). Nevertheless, on March 3rd 2008 he publicly apologised to Oprah Winfrey and Gary Coleman as representatives of the black community.

Grammar: The Movie will go on general release in December 2009. Grammar is rumoured to be working on a rival project, Everybody Loves Kelsey.

The World enjoys these grammar usings (OMG)[edit]

Agrammarism is a recent school of grammific thought, which believes that grammer is an myth likes Santa Clause and the state of Virginia. There are two main streams of aggrammarism.

First is dogmatic aggrammatamism, which holds that grammer was a joint invention by the Freemasons, the Nazis and the white men of Amerika. Many of their devotees refer to grammer as brainwashing. A random sampling of posts on the Internet site Slashdot indicates that 90 percent of people follow this view.

The second stream. of aggramaism is scientific aggramaism, which believes in syntax (a hobby of linguists) but condemns grammer as uneducated and ill-informed. A small number of schools in the US are teaching grammer, and a landmark court case is underway by scientific aggramaists to prevent this. This has led "to, heated debate between aggrammists and grammer followers, although many of the follawers believe that grammer and syntax are not necessarily contradictory.

The Trigrammerist believes in three incarnations of grammer. The answer, the pun and the first post. The leader of this school of thought is the pontifex maximus (also known as the Holy C++) Donald Knuth.

Neogrammarism is the belief. that grammer. exists beyond spa`ce and time/ commonly misused by mortals( Neogrammarists conside,,r conventional punctuation" to-be in error! holding to their own...unique system of grammer.

Anagrammarism si het ethoyr hatt drore d'eostn amtret.

Gangsta up in here, is the mainizzle grammatizzyhowazzyfizzizzle of the hood.

Examples of Grammar[edit]

My horny what? I think the dude ran out of space.

Note: Although the following sentences have been touted as conclusive proof of grammar, scientific aggrammaists believe they may have evolved according to the "thousand monkeys at a thousand typewriters" theory.

  • The rain in Sprain spays manly in the planes.
  • dick and Jane are happy to see the ball bounce high.
  • You just aren't a team player, you are impossible to manage, and you failed to pleasure me properly. You're Fired! -- Donald Trump

On a related note, though, nobody in the world is are good at grammar. Nobody. In fact, let's call it grammer and add an exclammation point: gramm1er. Everyone who complain's is gremmar nazzi's.

Improper Grammar[edit]