Grand Theft Auto: Disco Man Stories

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Grand Theft Auto: Disco Man Stories
GTA Disco Man S .jpg
The 70s will rock the GTA franchise forever.
Developer Rockstar and HZ Corp. Games
Release Date 2034
Genre Free-Form
Platforms PS4, Xbox 360, Windows Vista X4.5
Rating M +17
Would Kevin Federline play it? {{{O-Wilde}}}

Grand Theft Auto: Disco Man Stories is another installment by HZ Corps. Games. This game sets in the 70s, when disco occured, hippies came, the rise of afro, and the peace sign came in the decade. This game sets in Brunswick City, a city based on New York, Chicago, L.A., Miami, and parts of San Francisco.


The gameplay of GTA: Disco Man Stories is like any GTA game but features 70s customization on the interior and exterior of the car. The cars in this game features vehicles from the fuckin 70s. You can butt fuck any chicks, from a strip club towards a street at night. You can cross border of Mexico to be free from cops, because the cops obey US laws and they can't cross international borders.


It sets in 1977/78 when Pedro Aceituno comes in a passenger boat with the other South Americans escaping commie countries. Pedro meets Bobby the hippie friend from New Jersey.


Pedro Aceituno comes to Brunswick City to seek opportunity becasue in Venezuela, theres nothing in Venezuela. Bobby is his friend from New Jersey and Pedro sends him letters in Spanish and English. Pedro drives the HippieVan to his bong apartment. The apartment is used as a safepoint. Now Bobby decides that they want to be rich, have women, get mansions, and be kingpins of the city. They should work together in order to achieve the opportunity. First mission: deliver the booze and go to Jungle Bear, the pimp. As Pedro works with pimps, gangsters, mobs, he is getting the amount of respect he earned. Until he met Crane the 2nd in command of an italian mob. Few missions made Pedro richer and making a kingpin out of him. Crane is jealous and furious about him being kingpin and he decides to get rid of him by prison or death. Crane shoots the don and Pedro decides to lead the mob. Crane sets up a phone call to Pedro to meet him at the docks for disco prostitutes. It was a trap and he formed his own gang with famous 70s figures before he called Pedro. Pedro gets to the docks and it was a trap. Pedro shoots and drinks. Then the police catches Pedro with DUI.


After 6 months in a prison cell, Pedro decides to get revenge against Crane for backstabbing him and taking his gang from him. Bobby also tells that the booze he drink before arrest was set up with Crane and his members who are backstabbers of Pedro's friends. He decides to get back his kingdom by shooting his backstabbing friends and pimps. Gang wars have started and create awesome violence. He fights Michael Jackson, Shaft, and many of Crane's friends. The final mission involves Pedro, Bobby, Julio, and Jungle Bear with a revenge mission against Crane. Crane runs as he sends his gangsters to shoot Pedro. Pedro shoots all and Crane is at top of the FROG Building. Pedro shoots Crane and his gang controlled city is saved until the cops come with SWAT teams and helicopter. Pedro drives as fast as he can and he can't outrun the cops. So he drives to the hilltop slopes to Mexico. He reaches Mexico, THE END.


Main Characters[edit]

  • Pedro Aceituno: The main character who comes to America to seek opportunity in here. He does jobs for Frank Lucas' right wingmen and doing for Al Capone's distant relatives. He likes to relax at a disco club on Saturdays. Original dance inventor of the moonwalk. He was so pissed when Michael Jackson stole the moonwalk.
  • Bobby The Hippie: Hippie friend of Pedro and listener of Iggy Pop.
  • Julio Tica: College guy smoking and selling weed at some university. He sells weed, not smoke it due to his lost sense of smell.
  • Daria McSwiften: Sexy lady.
  • Erik Estrada: A CHiPs Motorbiker Cop who is on vacation out of California. He has a son named Edgar Estrada. He helps pedro to overcome his drug addiction during his mood.
  • Ghost of Che Guevera: Dead Che's spirit going after Pedro about his revolting needs on the government. Pedro needs to learn about how to overthrow the city government with crack and creat Anarchy as an American Dream.
  • Jungle Bear: A black jive talking pimp who wants to make his prostitution business spreading all over the sections. Pedro helps Jungle Bear with rival pimps whose stealing his bidness including Scrat.

Main Antagonists[edit]

  • Crane Alexander: Main antagonist of the game. He is the head boss of the Crane Red Arms Syndicate.
  • John Shaft: Retired cop who decides he needs money to enjoy retirement. Shaft is a member of Red Arms. He goes Downtown to find some banking codes to get money from city bank.
  • Michael Jackson: Former Jackson 5 member decides to be evil by murdering Pedro Aceituno by joining Red Arms with Crane.
  • Tony Travolta: Related to John Travolta. He enjoys relaxing at Studio 65 and one point challenges Pedro to a disco show down.
  • Ivan Sergei Dragunov: A Russian Arms Dealer and a Commie who wants money for the family. Crane joins alliances with a commie for weapons and nuclear power to control the city.

Minor Characters[edit]

  • Billy Hayes: An author who wrotes about his life in Turkish bars. He was a former Hash Smuggler of Istanbul. His ass went to Turkis Muhammed Acklabah Prison in Istanbul hills. He escaped his ass out of prison in 1975.

Music of GTA: Disco Man Stories[edit]

  • Soul
  • Pop-Rock
  • 60s Rock
  • Disco
  • Punk rock
  • Funk
  • Hard rock
  • Psychedelic rock
  • Right Wing Conservation Talk
  • Talk Radio

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