Grand Theft Auto: Hong Kong

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Grand Theft Auto: Hong Kong
GTA HK .jpg
I think it's full of Kung Fu criminals, chinese missiled weapons, and noodles.
Developer Rockstar and HZ Corp. Games
Release Date 2014
Genre Free-Form
Platforms PS3, Xbox 360, Windows Vista
Rating M +17
Would Kevin Federline play it? {{{O-Wilde}}}

Grand Theft Auto: Hong Kong is the second installment by HZ Corp. Games. This is the first GTA game that sets in China and this game rocks yo. It's a sequel to Grand Theft Auto: Mexico City when Andres wanted to leave Mexico City due to the Mexican army planning to capture him, instead of going back to the U.S. when he found out he's not a real U.S. citizen by his parents papers. He plans to leave Mexico to go to Hong Kong as his only place for peace and safety. He plans to start a new beginning for his Mexican gang and mafia who died during the army raid. He would go to the top by conquering boroughs of Hong Kong SAR. His face will be different due to plastic surgery, theres new weapons, new gangs, new cars, traffic will go left-hand, and you can go on ferry boats for the first time by paying your ass in here yo.



Back in Mexico City, Andres Acituno fights with Garrison Rodriguez, the rat who framed him for illegal activities with entering country border and drugs. Andres kills him with a gun and the Mexican army caught him at the act. Andres leaves Mexico City with Edgar, George Lopez, Coty, Delgado, and Pappi the chihuahua to Hong Kong, the only place with no rules from mainland China. They headed to Hang Kong and arrive with Barrack Obama, Greg Hitman, and Koji Lee. Andres decides to explore Hong Kong with a taxi and heads to Kowloon and the next day, all routes to different parts of Hong Kong is blocked due to more terrorist threats again. He gets plastic surgery to not be noticed by Mexican army and Triad members. Now, Andres must fight his way to the top, by controlling Kowloon bikers, New Territory drug dealers, and the mighty Hong Kong Trio triad headed by Jet Li, Bruce Lee, and Jackie Chan.

Kowloon Bikers[edit]

Andres is now in Kowloon with 0 HK dollars in his pocket. Koji lets him stay at his Kowloon apartment. Koji talks to Andres to do a favor by taking down Hwoarang, the Korean dealer of the Kowloon Biker Gang. Hwoarang wants to fight him rather than talk. Andres fought him and the bikers are pissed and beats his ass. Greg decides to help Andres by giving him a gun and Andres must take out a drug lab. A snitch named Gong Hui talks to Chiang the Biker boss. He talks about Andres and how he blew up the drug lab. Chiang decides to go after Andres. Barrack decides that Andres must steal their bikes to piss them off and to get money. Andres goes to Edgar and Edgar wants him to get McSui and capture him to get info about his boss. Then, Andres prepares to take down Chiang and fight him to death. Chiang lost and Chiang's men decide to kill him and a shootout occurs. With the help of Greg and Montez, Andres shoot them all and now moust catch him on bike and finally caught him. He talks the crap out of him and he's OK if he runs things around and said "Okay, you won. You're the tough boss". He shoot him in the face and the whole Biker Gang is under Aceituno Gang control. Hwoarang, now becomes the dealer for Andres' gang. Now they must face their rival gang: The Hsung Mafia.

The Hsung Mafia[edit]

The Kowloon Bikers' enemy: The Hsung Mafia are on the business og smuggling, prostitution, drug dealing, and gambling. The biker gang needs Andres' help to kill the muthafucka mafia of Kowloon. He goes to the casino and make a settlement by peace. The lt. refuses to listen and shoot the Aceituno bikers.

New Territory[edit]

The Kowloon gang and Hsung Mafia under Acietuno control, must face the Mountain Cloud Boyz. Their gang turf is in New Territory. Edgar discovers that Matt Royston is involved in eliminating Andres Aceituno. His chances of being the Kowloon mafia are at 50 to 50 if Andres strikes back in a secret alley.

Hong Kong City[edit]

Greg and Andres now discovered that Matt heads the largest triad of all of Hong Kong and they must enter Royston Triad territory in Hong Kong Island which is an island with the largest skyscrapers in Hong Kong. The only way to take down Royston triad is getting a big help from the Chan, Lee, and Jet Li triads, but they refuse to help and now Andres must fight them to get help.

Lantau Island[edit]

Now with Kowloon bikers, New Territory Mountain Cloud Boyz, and the Hong Kong Trio triads under Aceituno control, they must face the Lantau Triad Cartel. This Cartel is stronger like the Hong Kong Trio Triad and has members who were with the Lantau cartel all along and the Cartel is allied with Royston Triad. George Lopez goes undercover as a mob member and gets killed by a spy who knows it's George and Reese is the killer.

Royston and Aceituno Final Battle[edit]

Royston hires Kazuya Mishima to make the gang member of Aceituno to go against his control and half of Aceituno gang rebel against him, even jackie Chan's gang want him dead. It's Royston's idea to turn all of Andres' gang against him and Andres and Matt fight by Kung Fu match to the death. Andres finally kills Matt and tells him that the person who framed him and deported him (mistakefully) was his brother Francisco Aceituno and his older brother was watching him and wanted his brother dead for his title of heir to his father's fortune and it's money. Andres must now escape with Edgar, Treon Burns, Jet Li, Jin Kazama, Alejandra, Montez, and Hwoarang to go back to the U.S. to find that guy.


A few years later, Aceituno returns to Hong Kong in search of some hot steamy hentai for the Sicilian Mob. His research ends him up in the Pee Kaa Chou Jungle. There, he finds Solid Snake and they talk. Solid Snake becomes friends with Aceituno and they both go to the city. They then find a new Chinese Triad called the F.A.G.B.O.Y.S (Financially Able Gossip Blood-Brothers Oberst Yielding Shit). The Triads take Aceituno to their master, who turns out to be Marshall Law. He then tortures both of their balls before he puts up a huge TV screen and projector, goes to a hentai website and starts masturbating, also torturing Snake and Aceituno because their hands are tied up and they cannot masturbate (they're balls were also broken). Finally, Jin Kazama, now member of the SPPF (Special Porno Police Forces) opens the door with his sperm, beats up Marshall Law , unties Snake and Aceituno, rapes them up the ass, and almost throws them out of a window because he's bat fuck insane. However, Jackie Chan kicks the door in and saves the day (using his Dragon Radar and Jackiehameha). He goes home and Snake accidentally kills Aceituno when they play with fire. Snake says: "Meh, let's just say that this fucking shit is just some fucking survival training or some dumb shit" and eats Aceituno's inner organs. Later, he runs away and resumes his mission in the Pee Kaa Chou jungle. He later gets killed by a random crocodile that rapes him up the ass, summons tentacles and rapes his mouth, nose holes and ear holes. Andres comes back to life after Snake threw him out to the crocodile tank. Andres plans revenge on Snake and Big Boss. Andres assasinates Snake and Big Boss. Big Boss has €300 million in his big case.

Some Guy then takes over Andres' place on the HK triads place. Andres' balls are fixed as he is ready for his ass to go to Metro City to get vendetta against Frank. Snake leaves out of Andres' business as Snake gets very old and feeling weaker and have wrinkles in his eyelids. Andres handles years of finding someone and getting his money back.


Main Characters[edit]

  • Andres Aceituno: The Main character from the previous game (Grand Theft Auto: Mexico City).
  • Greg Hitman: Black hitman from Tofuman comes to a crossover with GTA and he's Andres hitman and best shooter in the game.
  • Edgar Estrada: The son of Eric Estrada trying to bang with asian chicks and give them money for sex and blowjobs.
  • Jackie Chan: A former kung fu star who started as a kid (kid Goku look) and he was an alcohlic after his girlfriend died.
  • Jet Li: Legendary Hong Kong Fighter with Super Saiyan powers. He trade his super powers for water bending powers and hentai.

Supporting Characters[edit]

Tekken fighter joins GTA franchise for his pay and chicks.

Hwoarang: Korean drug dealer for the Kowloon Biker Gang. First, he's Andres' enemy and early supporting antagonist and after Andres shot the leader of the Biker Gang, he joins with Andres to takeover Hong Kong with bikes, drugs, prostitution, guns, and more. He's based on a Tekken character.

Randall "Randy" Santos Lee: He's a Spanish Chinese weapons dealer to supply firearms for Andres' Triad Gang. He sold illegal firearms to Thai people, terrorists, and Rebel Africans.

George Lopez: The Latino comedian who once live with his family and mom, now supporting Andres and his rebuilded organization. He wants to go home to L.A. to fuck with his wife and see his kids and mom very angrily. George gets killed by the Lantau Cartel and he wishes to fuck with her wife one last time.

Montez: Andres' boyo member and smart gang member for distributing drugs in Mexico City and Hong Kong. He loses control when he saw Angel with a knife. He ends up insane and comes back as smart and sensitive. He disappeared from Hong Kong so he secretly come back to Frank's HQ in Beijing. He's the snitch distributor for Frank and never revealed until GTA: Metro City.

Orlando Martinez: A gang leader of a huge mafia gang in Miami, comes to Hong Kong to sell firearms and smuggled species of furry animals to Matt Royston for thousands of dollars. He's a cool guy.


Matt Royston: The antagonist who fucks with Josie and a former hockey player in college. A Hong Kong born American plans to be rich and rule Hong Kong and agrees with a secret someone in this city. His enemy is Andres Aceituno and Gregory.

Kazuya Mishima: The assassin who would take over the Hong Kong Mafia and wants to kill Heihachi for throwing him off the cliff. He is a fighter who could kill anyone with a fucking shit punch yo.

Lei Wulong: Hong Kong International Police detective who's after Andres for drug dealing, street fights, and prostitution in Mexico City. He goes after Jackie Chan and arrests him for large crimes in Hong Kong Island. He sucks for a police detective in HK.

Gangs In GTA: Hong Kong[edit]

  • Aceituno Gang: The gang that was formed from old Mexican gang members in GTA: Mexico City now in Hong Kong run by Andres Aceituno. Their goal is to reform the gang with their ideas of being the feared group in the world. Their goals are gang domination, making millions of HK Dollars, drug business, and more.
  • Kowloon Bikers: The ugliest biker gang in Kowloon and the only biker gang to kill and sell crack in Kowloon.
  • Hong Kong Trio Triads: The largest triads in the whole Hong Kong area. The members were in armor.
  • Royston Triads: Antagonist triads in the fucking game. The triads led by Matt Royston protects their business territories to get way for the secret large mafia (Aceituno Mafia lead by Frank).


The developers of GTA: Mexico City and GTA: Hong Kong decided to make a second sequel and a final part of the HZ Corps. GTA series called: Grand Theft Auto: Metro City

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