Grand Theft Auto: Rio de Janeiro

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Grand Theft Auto: Rio De Janeiro
GTA Rio De Janeiro .jpg
Brazil, it's a huge rainForest Gump adventure with nuts, sugarcanes, and samba.
Developer Rockstar and HZ Corp. Games
Release Date 2018
Genre Free-Form Action
Platforms PS3, Xbox 360, Windows Vista 7, and Wii
Rating M +17
Would Tony Blair play it? {{{O-Wilde}}}

Grand Theft Auto: Rio de Janeiro is the GTA installment made by Rockstar and developed by HZ Corp. Games. It's midquel between the events of Grand Theft Auto: Wayans Stories and Grand Theft Auto: Mexico City. It's in 2008 and that David Pendraja goes to Rio de Janeiro for his drug money from his former Brazilian boss of his and shoots David. David wants revenge by dominance.


This sets place in Brazilian City of Rio de Janeiro. It's full of good tropical beaches, women, and afro brazilian fighting style. Rio features a ass whippin beach, dad loser buildings, and STD whorehouses. It's a good paradise.

Map of Rio[edit]

Map of Rio.jpg



David Pendraja is a Cuban man who wants to be in business of drugs in Rio. It's a fucking job to go to Rio and get drugs dude. In Rio, he gets drug money from the mob boss and his boss sent men and he gets shot in the head. In the hospital he comes back as the devil's body and the devil side dominates his body and mind. He goes to Matt Royston, a Hong Kong boss vacationing in Rio and he wants to be a member of his gang and trains to be a gang member with guns, sex, fighting, and dealing training. David decides to do work and form his own gang after a few months of hard work.

Present Rio 2008[edit]

His training is complete and he prepares for the worst and shit. He goes to Rio to make a start in his crime business. He use to own a newstand and his days of stupid jokes are over as he uses drugs to be a "Brazilianaire". David wants to have sex with Gaby and so, he brings some coke and tequila to get it started. The drugs are important to have more girls and to be richer than Burns. Then a guy comes by to David and it's Sergio, the Argentinian drug dealer whose pissed off on David for ruining his crack business. David helps him out by forming Pendraja-DeLuca Mob to rule Brazil and all of it's white drug nuts. Trump is in Rio and he decides to work with him to get a millionaire's check. David then works with Kim Jong il and must please Kim and his North Korean Army to not getting killed. DeSean needs David to do him a few favors and David does them and he gets a shot of betrayal as DeSean is the enemy of David. He is friends with the Brazilian Mafia. To gain respect, they need to go to Bikers Territory to fight brazilian power, yo. Bikers shoot instead of joining. David shoots back and the Bikers are nothing but crap. Billy the Biker decides to pay off the debt for shooting his bikers. David then meets Matt Royston, a Hong Kong Triad lord with Josie. Matt needs a favor for David and he wants the mayor of Rio to be dead for refusing some drug shipments to boose Brazil's economy. Matt decides that if his Triad empire with David's will expand is to get the buyer to get Vietnamese coke. The buyer of the coke turns out to be with Trump. Trump's mafia show up and shoot the place up. DeSean is responsible for ruining David's crack trades since 05 and forming alliances with Trump, Kim, and the Bikers. Kim sends his North korean Army men to shoot David and GangstaBoyz shoot DeLuca and ends up in a hospital. David decides that if he's ruling Rio, he must kill DeSean's three ally gangs. First, the GangstaBoyz. Second, the Trump Mob and finally Kim Jong Il's Army. Vladmir is with DeSean and decides to murder Gaby and David is angry. matt is pissed and decides to help David and Sergio by sending his men to a dangerous mission as matt leaves Rio. The final mission involves David and Sergio getting revenge on DeSean for murdering Brady. He goes to Sugarloaf Mountain and DeSean sends his men to kill David and he shoots all. Reaching towards the cable cars, David chases DeSean and DeSean keeps running until at the end of the line. David and Sergio gets his enemy and shoots DeSean at the head. David's devil side is out and the good side is back. David and Sergio decides that all of his enemies are dead licker, he celebrates his victory by going to a brothel and decides to stay in Rio.


David Pendraja: The first GTA protagonist to not fuck himself. I think he goes to Rio for money, hot Brazilian women, and more slum housing assets. He goes to Sergio for a favor to do and he does drugs and party with Stalin. Wow, he wants big titties and he would go to Victor to piss and take his car to get chicks. He got shot for being with one of the Cuban Drug Dealers.

Sergio DeLuca: Argentinian drug dealer selling drugs by using "Brazilian White NUTS" as his front to people for the police to not know his drug business. He gets shot by GangstaBoyz of Rio.

Gabi Chagas: A hot chick and David's sexy girlfriend. He promises to have sex with her if he brings coke and they have sex and "Bang, bang, bang, and bang". She needs to be with more men for coke and to party. She gets killed by Vladmir for being a whore.

Matt Royston: A Hong Kong American former hockey player, now boss of a mob. He owns Soulja Boy and any more hip hop artists. He wants to find Josie even finding her in Sterling. His goal in Rio is to get his deal for his mob drug dealing business. He helps David to avenge Gaby by sending his mob to kill DeSean as he leaves Rio to HK.

DeSean Joaq: Main Antagonist who ruins David's crack trade and traitor for murdering Brady and attempted murder on him. He dies from fan blades and bleeds to death.

Fabio Letoya: Spanish actor needing coke from David for money and fame. He's at a competition against Cuban drug dealers. He's considered himself the new head of the Brazilian Mafia.

Donald Trump: Billionaire and entrepreneur who wants to be the richest guy ever and David must work with him to get higher wages. Eddy works with Trump for jawbreakers.

Kim Jong il: North Korean dictator and son of a bitch relaxing at Brazil to get the government to support North Korea. He's a killer animal.

Planned Downloadable Content[edit]

GTA: Rio De Janeiro: DeLuca Files is the downloadable content that features Sergio DeLuca in his solo hero moves. This content sets before the main game when David Pendreja was outside of Rio. The story is about Sergio getting money in 2007.

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