Grand Theft Auto: Santiago 1973

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Grand Theft Auto: Santiago 1973

Grand Theft Auto: Santiago 1973 takes place in the Chile during the early 1970's. You play as an ambitious general named Augusto Pinochet who has national ambitions. The game starts off in early 1973 and Pinochet becomes increasingly worried about President Salvador Allende's compassion for poor Chileans. This threatens the wealth of Pinochet and his crew of elites. At first he is relectant to overthrow the government but is eventually persuaded by some of his military friends and by the United States government who offers financial aid.


Augusto Pinochet[edit]

The main character of the game and the head of the military junta that overthrows Allende, Pinochet is a brutal psychopath who will kill anyone who gets in his way. He is approached by the United States to assist in their coup attempt and ends up using the coup to his advantage, becoming the Supreme Overlord of Chile

Richard Nixon[edit]

The Supreme Overlord of the United States, Nixon becomes a key ally of Pinochet. He offers Pinochet and his men CIA training to help to overthrow the Allende government, who has been a thorn in the side of the US administration since they took power in 1970. Allende threatens corporate interests and the United States needs a new enemy in order to distract the American public from Vietnam and the Watergate scandal.

Salvador Allende[edit]

The democratically elected president of Chile, he treats his people well but that is irrelevant because he is interfering with corporate America as well as Chile's elites. His Marxist ideology gives the perfect excuse to overthrow him.


In the early part of the game, you must go around convincing people how evil the Allende regime is. Anyone who doesn't agree with you must be killed but since you aren't the president yet you must kill covertly during the night. Stealth missions are a key feature of the game, especially in the earlier parts. In order to avoid detection by the authorities and the international community you must slaughter the dissidents and make the bodies "disappear". Eventually you will own the police and you will be able to overtly kill people but in the early missions before the coup it must be done covertly.


Most of the missions of GTA: Santiago 1973 involve slaughtering anyone with left-leaning political ideas. After the coup takes place, you get to ride around in Santiago in a tank going on a rampage, destroying any remnants of the old regime. You also can come up with many creative ways of killing people, so brutal that they can't be mentioned here. You can also steal money off your citizens to build your own personal wealth and to travel to different parts of the world. One mission involves sending secret agents to Washington to assassinate government officials that have betrayed you.


  • Rhino
  • Perennial
  • 1969 VW Beetle
  • 1969 Dodge Charger
  • Willis Jeep
  • M41 Bulldog Tank
  • M4 Sherman Tank
  • M48 Patton Tank

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