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Grand Theft Auto: Television City 2 is, obviously, the sequel to Grand Theft Auto: Television City. Like the last game, this game takes place in and around CBS Television City in Los Angeles, and is themed heavily around The Price is Right. This time, you play as Drew Carey. Game show deity Bob Barker has decided to retire, and he's placed you in charge of his Price Gang. Since you've inherited his throne, you've also inherited his problems. His former sidekicks and allies are now yours, and his enemies (as well as new ones) are yours, too. Interesting, huh? It's up to you to take on all of these enemies and make damn sure that TPIR can survive without Bob. Can you do it?


Bob Barker has retired, and he's left Drew Carey in charge. Fair enough. What you must realize is that Bob is the World's Greatest Master of Ceremonies, and, as such, a lot of jealous people wanted a piece of Bob. Bob always had the means to keep his enemies in check, but now that Drew's in charge, TV City is vulnerable to attack.

As Drew Carey, it's now up to you to defend Studio 33 from those who may attack it. Your job isn't easy, as you have to take care of:

  • Crazed fanb01z who think that The Price is Right is nothing without Bob and who want the show to end.
  • Overzealous contestants whose brains are melted by the excitement of their once in a lifetime opportunity to be Price is Right contestants and who go epileptic and destroy everything in sight.
  • Hosts of other game shows, notable contestants, and possibly a former host of your own game show...
  • People who hate animal rights activists with a bloody passion.
  • George W. Bush, still
  • And Happy Gilmore, too!

All while accomplishing the standard Grand Theft Auto objectives like gaining lots of money and respect! Take down your rivals and work with your allies to take over the game show industry once and for all and prove to the world that Price CAN survive without Bob!


You play as Drew Carey. Drew was hired to take over TPIR after Bob Barker retired. He has all the powers that Bob had in the first version of GTA: TV City, but he can't use them very well because he's so new. It's highly recommended that you learn about the first game so you know what you're getting into.

Drew brings with him a very unique hosting style, and takes time to do lots of little things that Bob Barker never did. He makes fun of the strategies some people use in Contestants' Row, laughs at overzealous contestants, takes on the persona of a golf announcer in Hole in One or Two, and jokes about Barker's Bargain Bar being founded by an Ezekiel Barker in 1872. Plus he's a lot nicer to contestants and the models than Bob ever was. Drew is easy to control, but hard to master. Harness his power to bring The Price is Right to the top!

Drew's Allies: The Price Gang[edit]


These grunts can help do your dirty work for you. But first, they have to win an "item up for bids" so they can get up onto the stage with you. Be careful, though, as some contestants will go batcrap insane and will try to destroy you!

Rich Fields[edit]

The announcer for The Price is Right. He attained his position in April 2004 after assassinating Rod Roddy (who himself assassinated Johnny Olson in 1985). Although Rich was supposed to become Bob Barker's successor, the other members of the Price Gang decided they didn't want someone who would be the next Bob Barker. They wanted someone with a completely different style, and Drew fit that bill.

Rich is just as loyal to Drew as he was to Bob. He will accompany you on some missions, and he helps run a car-boosting ring, which involves boosting cars (obviously) and then reselling them on The Price is Right.

Roger "The Dob" Dobkowitz[edit]

TPIR's producer. He is your right-hand man, and is the second most powerful member of the Price Gang. Even though he is capable of overthrowing you, he has no plans to, as he's too loyal. He WILL, however, keep you in check if you get too powerful and/or if the cops are getting suspicious of you.

The Dob is notable for his incredibly evil pricing game setups. He tries to outwit dumb contestants and the members of the Golden Gang (who pick up on patterns for their Friday Prediction Games and chatroom discussions) by throwing in grocery products and prizes that are either worth more or less than what they seem to be and by putting pricing games in unexpected positions. His plans are not completely foolproof, as an elite few contestants have been trained to spot things that are out of the ordinary, and, as such, win their pricing games despite the odds. Such a win is called "Stopping The Dob", or a "Dobstopper" for short. Most of the time, however, contestants will fail, causing many fans to say, "Can't Stop The Dob!"

Roger will give you some side missions.

Kathy "Fingers" Greco[edit]

Assistant to The Dob (both on the show and in the crime family). It is rumored that she is a dominatrix who chops people's fingers off while giving them S&M torture (hence her nickname), but nothing has ever been proven... Nonetheless, she is very cold and unfriendly.

She can also give you side missions.

Marc Breslow, Paul Alter, and Marty Wagner[edit]

The first two are former TPIR directors. The latter is a longtime CBS cameraman. All three are experts on what's going down in the scene, and they can help tell you if the police are starting to catch onto you. They'll also give you rampages to complete.

Syd Vinnedge[edit]

Bob Barker's other replacement. He is the Price Gang's executive producer. He is also very, very, very hated among diehard fans because he's willing to change the show in radical ways that often rub the diehards the wrong way. He'll give you even more rampages and side missions.

The Models[edit]

Known as "Barker's Beauties" under Bob Barker's reign, this harem is now nameless (even though some people think they should be "Carey's Cuties"). Bob used to pimp them out, but refused to share them in the later years of his tenure, and would destroy anyone who tried to touch them. Three girls named Janice Pennington, Dian Parkinson, and Holly Hallstrom even caused some controversy over Bob's overprotectiveness.

Drew's interaction with the models resembles the old Bob Barker. He thanks them for their hard work modeling prizes, treats them like family, and pimps them out frequently. While this behavior does make him much more likeable than Bob, it also makes the models easy prey for rival game show hosts. Especially Howie Mandel. So be careful out there!

Fortunately, the models aren't complete damsels in distress; they can defend themselves somewhat...

Janice Pennington, Dian Parkinson, and Holly Hallstrom[edit]

The first three members of your harem, and also the most recognizable among longtime Price fans. Janice is the longest-serving, as she stayed with the Price Gang from its inception in September 1972 until early 2001 when she was fired! Bob Barker abused them like crazy, but they got revenge by suing him for sexual harrassment! It was long thought that Bob killed them after that, but now that he's retired, they've come up from the shadows, seeking revenge! And they want your help.

Chuck Dukas[edit]

Head of the CBS Page Gang, loyal allies to the Price Gang. Chuck and his pages act as your personal army, as they help defend the turf around Television City. They also collect protection money from the nearby businesses and other shows that tape in CBS TV City. However, one of their own is a traitor...!

The ghosts of Mark Goodson, previous hosts, and previous announcers[edit]

Mark Goodson created the Price Gang. Bill Cullen was the first leader of the gang. Dennis James, Tom Kennedy, and Doug Davidson all briefly served as underbosses under Bob. And Johnny Olson and Rod Roddy are former announcers. Their ghosts will help you from beyond the grave with additional missions and advice about the way things were at the Price Gang.

The Saturday Night Live Gang[edit]

A minor gang who lives in New York City. You might need these guys in your Jeopardy!-centric missions, as they have the power to keep Alex Trebek at bay, mainly with references to how Sean Connery "garfunkled" Trebek's mother.

Ken Jennings[edit]

Source of the contestants who are "Dobstoppers". He was a contestant on Jeopardy! for 74 days straight and won close to $2.5 million. He's a big help for your Jeopardy!-centric missions.

Amanda Goad[edit]

Source of some of the female contestants who are "Dobstoppers". She was a contestant in the Jeopardy! Teen Tournament in 1996 and later in that year's Tournament of Champions, advancing as far as the semifinals. She is known to have won a heartbreaking tiebreaker final round in the Teen Tournament finals in 1996 against an opponent amongst young fans of Price--the female persuasion. She's not only a big help for your Jeopardy!-centric missions, but she can also give you advice on how to defeat Ashlee Register and her army, like coming up with some weird yet fascinating trivia facts nobody knew before, for example.

Jeff Foxworthy[edit]

Host of Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?, but many still remember him for his "you might be a redneck if..." schtick. As he is seen Thursdays around CBS TV City (unknown studio number; possibly 36), you can ask him to have an enemy that's bugging you (Howie Mandel, for example) take the grade-school quiz for $1,000,000. If they get one question wrong and a classmate can't save them, dropping them to $25,000 can hurt an enemy or boss' morale.

Jeff can also give you some side missions while at his assigned studio.

Wayne Brady[edit]

Similar to Jeff Foxworthy. Wayne was Drew's performing partner when they did Whose Line is it Anyway? Now he's host of Don't Forget the Lyrics!. He can also be seen on Thursdays around CBS TV City (unknown number; perhaps 43). You can ask him to have an enemy that's bugging you around Studio 33 take the challenge to see if he or she cannot forget the lyrics to 11 songs for $1,000,000. Like 5th Grader, if any lyrics at any point turn red, dropping them to $25,000 can hurt their morale.

Wayne can also give you some side missions while at his assigned studio.

Scott Michael Foster[edit]

A young actor from Illinois who has a personal grudge with James Lafferty since 2003. Both are born in 1985--though he's four months older. His army consists of young men with wavy or curly hair and do not pose a threat to you--in fact, they are extremely nice to you ("Circles" by Soul Coughing signifies the young men; a slowed down version of "Who Is It" by Michael Jackson followed by a remix of the IceCap Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 3 signifies Scott) Winning the Showcase is their concern, and it can raise your esteem and morale lost by James Lafferty or Ashlee Register, Scott's hated rivals. He can also give away musical instruments (usually drums, guitars, and grand pianos) for a 1-Bid or any non-car pricing game, seeing that he's the lead singer of the band Siren's Eye. If a contestant NOT sent by Ashlee Register or James Lafferty wins the musical instrument, you get an extra $76,500 and 200% health and morale.

Scott can also give you some side missions around Hollywood if you're interested. These are worth six-digit rewards if you do them.

Amor Graciano[edit]

A beautiful young woman from California with blue-green eyes and blonde hair. She's also your first Showcase winner on your first aired show with $45,804 in prizes and is another trustworthy source for smart contestants (see Ken Jennings) who want to win expensive showcases, especially on a Million Dollar Spectacular (the Angel Island Zone (Act 1) from Sonic the Hedgehog 3 signifies her). Fed up with Ashlee Register and James Lafferty's invasion of the show, Amor teams up with Kimberley Handy to clean their clocks and defeat them. If anyone bids how much she won in October of 2007, she will switch the Actual Retail Prices around until she's satisfied with the results, usually causing a player to win both Showcases by coming within $250 or less away from the Showcase price ($1000 if a Million Dollar Spectacular), fooling BOTH James Lafferty and Ashlee Register by causing one of their people to overbid. If this happens, Ashlee Register (or James Lafferty) will be defeated, exploding (and dropping any items in their 2nd and/or 3rd forms) like how Dr. Robotnik would after taking 8 hits in the early Sonic the Hedgehog games and the screen shakes!

Amor can give you side missions around the beaches (usually Newport or Laguna Beach) and other coastal towns of California. Like Scott Michael Foster's missions, doing these missions mean six-digit rewards.

Kimberley Handy[edit]

Like Amor, Kimberley is another beautiful young woman, but with vibrant red-orange hair and purple eye make-up along with blue eyes. She's from Virginia and she's one of the notable contestants circa January 2007 episodes of Bob's final season to host Price with $59,212 in prizes (two cars). She was known to have a nervous breakdown on stage when she won her One-Bid game, as Bob, trying to be funny, asked her about winning a hair-dryer and then a coffee maker. After this hilarious start (she won her pricing game, too!) and a funny reaction to winning a car in Lucky $even, she even managed to pull it together and win the Showcase. She was also known to wear a shirt that read "My Desire Don't Retire", referring to Bob Barker's retiring at the start of this game. She's upset that Bob retired, and in addition, Ashlee Register and James Lafferty have turned The Price Is Right into chaos with their armies since Bob left. Luckily, she runs into Amor Graciano, one of the brightest contestants on your show, hoping to get revenge on both Elite Bosses and James Lafferty's henchwomen.

Now it's later in Price's years, Season 36. Bob has passed down the legendary microphone to you, but the memory of her still remains in the hearts and minds of everyone working at CBS TV City. Kimberley will stop by sometimes as well. She also has a grudge with Ashlee Register and everybody in this game affiliated with her. She will push everyone on a Million Dollar Spectacular to win $1,000,000 in the Showcase just to K.O. her "perfect!". She also has a personal army. It consists of cute female contestants (some may be seniors finishing up their last year of high school) which some are actually polite and don't cause problems like Ashlee Register and James Lafferty's armies--and some even sport T-shirts, shorts and sandals when spring or summer comes! If one of her recruits happens to win the Showcase (daytime or Million Dollar Spectacular), Kimberley can easily defeat Ashlee for you so you don't have to do it yourself. You also receive "ultra" health and morale (the highest your meter can go is 200) if Kimberley pulls out a win with one of her recruits. She even has the power to make everyone dance to CeCe Peniston's 1994 hit single "I'm Not Over You", which actually hit #2 on the top 40 U.S. Dance charts--every time she defeats Ashlee Register or James Lafferty.

Kimberley can also tell you what Bob used to do to excite contestants--or have some funny sayings to try to make the audience laugh--as well as give you some side missions. These, like Scott and Amor's missions, give you six-digit rewards as well.

Suzanne Sload[edit]

A 3-day game show champion on Wheel of Fortune when Wheel taped at CBS Television City around February 1994, shortly after Raymond Taylor (a hated foe) retired undefeated when the old puzzle board (before going electronic at Sony Pictures Studios in 1997) had the classic 1983 border in Season 11. Suzanne also has a grudge with both Raymond Taylor and Tracy Brown (and her aforementioned partner, Adele Borgier) since the mid-'90s. Her army consists from middle-age and elderly people to past game show champions from the '80s and '90s (memorable examples include Al Rogers and Thom McKee) at CBS Television City who do NOT like what Ashlee Register and Tracy Brown have done with their army.

She will also try her best to block her rivals Raymond Taylor and Tracy Brown and your enemies, the Elite Bosses James Lafferty and Ashlee Register from letting their army get on stage, but this is not foolproof like Roger Dobkowitz' plans, as some are trained to Stop the Dob. She's also insensitive to boos when players don't get the Big Wheel on Price all the way around. If too many of her army gets on stage (4 for example), Roger will give a witty remark, usually "What's going on? It looks as if Suzanne Sload's having a field day!" If this is faintly heard, the chances of Magic Number appearing in the lineup for the episode will greatly increase, stopping Ashlee Register and barring her of all attacks. If one of her recruits are in the Showcase, you will win an extra $100,000 if they manage to defeat any of Ashlee Register or James Lafferty's recruits.

Wink Martindale, Bob Eubanks, Dennis Miller, and Carol Burnett[edit]

These guys are no strangers to CBS Television City--as Martindale, Eubanks, and Burnett have had shows taped there (High Rollers, Gambit, and Tic Tac Dough for Martindale; Card Sharks for Eubanks (1986 version); for Burnett, The Carol Burnett Show). They will stop by Studio 33 to see how you are doing. Martindale and Eubanks were once allies to Bob Barker before he retired, but he passed them down to you in July 2007.

Dennis Miller, however, is the host of the NBC game show Amne$ia and can help you battle Howie Mandel on your NBC missions. He'll also stop by Studio 33 to check up on you.


The Police[edit]

Like in most Grand Theft Auto games, you do have to deal with the police here. In the first version of GTA: TV City, the police weren't a problem because Bob Barker was immortal. Here, however, you're playing as Drew Carey, and he wasn't blessed with Bob's powers. If your activities begin attracting their ire, watch out. If the police arrest you, and you can't pay the bail money, it's Game Over! Fortunately, you have your pages and your allies to help cover things up with protection money and the like, but they can only do so much.


As was said earlier, some contestants just can't control their emotions and go wild, destroying everything in sight. Be careful of them. The Samoans, especially, are a really crazy lot and will try to lift Drew high into the air, just like they did with Bob Barker!

Bart Eskander[edit]

The Price is Right's current director. You have to give him props for being creative, but his directing style isn't that well-liked by the other members of the Price Gang. He eventually causes an internal skirmish with Marc Breslow and Paul Alter.

Dave Price, Mark Steines, George Hamilton, and others...[edit]

From the time Bob Barker announced his retirement in November 2006 to the time that Drew Carey was picked in July 2007, numerous other people tried out for the hosting job. These people are all butthurt that you got picked over them and will try to exact revenge in one form or another.

The reason they were all rejected is because Fremantle Media thought them to be too much like Bob Barker. They wanted someone who could take the show in a different direction. Hence, Drew Carey was picked.

Technically, Rich Fields is in this list, but as was previously mentioned, he's far too loyal to the show to overthrow Drew. Todd Newton is also included in this list, but as you'll soon see, he has other plans...

Pat Sajak and Vanna White[edit]

The hosts of Wheel of Fortune and heads of the Wheel Watchers Club. Pat tried to assassinate Chuck Woolery, the previous leader, in 1981, and even though the attempt failed, he nonetheless earned his position then. Vanna attained her position in 1982 after Susan Stafford retired. They originally ran two gangs: a daytime Wheel Watchers Club, and a syndicated one. Pat ran the daytime gang until 1989 (when Rolf Benirschke and Al Geiberger took over), but Vanna stayed on until the gang disbanded in 1991. They continue to run the syndicated gang from its very inception in 1983.

It's interesting to note that Vanna wanted to join the Price Gang in 1980, but never made it out of Contestants' Row. So, she exacted revenge by joining the Wheel Watchers.

To defeat Pat and Vanna, you're going to have to play their game.

Raymond Taylor[edit]

A former Wheel of Fortune contestant. During the syndicated show's 11th season, circa February 1994, he went on, stayed for three days, and retired undefeated with over $81,000. But he was really crazy and acted like a crackhead. Also, he felt that Sony Studios owed him a favor. This led to him trespassing on the show's property numerous times until he was finally served a restraining order in 1997. Now, after seeing contestants winning more than him thanks in part to the fall 2001 revamp of the show's Bonus Round with the introduction of the $100,000 cash prize and recently the fall 2008 revamp with a $1,000,000 cash prize, he wants revenge.

As was mentioned earlier, some Price contestants are very crazy. Raymond is one of the sources of the crazy contestants. Their attacks can do some terrible damage, so be careful when facing a contestant of the "crazy" type. Wheel actually taped in the Bob Barker Studios when Raymond was a contestant, but the Price Gang's problems with Raymond didn't start until after the show moved to Sony. Counter Raymond and his army's attacks with Plinko, Golden Road, Triple Play, or Three Strikes.

Alex Trebek[edit]

Host of Jeopardy!, and head of the Clue Crew. To defeat him, play his game. You might have to get help from the Saturday Night Live Gang to defeat him. Imitating Sean Connery also works wonders.

Mike Greenberg[edit]

Host of Duel, and head of the Mean Duel Posse. He brags about how his girls on his show are better than your girls on Price. Counter with a Million Dollar Spectacular. He has killer chips that drain Drew's health if he gets an answer to a question wrong. This is also where Drew meets the dreaded Ashlee Register...! An Avril Lavigne song plays when she pressures an opponent; this lasts 7 seconds. The pressure strobe lights are do impressive damage to Drew's glasses and even Drew, though it's very rare for Register to actually push the pressure button. Even when you defeat Mike and Ashlee, it may not be the last you see of them...!

John O' Hurley[edit]

Took over the Family Feud Gang in 2006. The gang has always been in turmoil; original host Richard Dawson was kicked in 1983 because he became corrupt. He was replaced with Ray Combs in 1988, whom Richard assassinated in 1994. Richard was kicked out again in 1995 and replaced with Louie Anderson in 1999. Louie ran the gang into the ground with his bad hosting, so in 2002, he was out and Richard Karn was in. In 2006, Richard was found to be a similarly bad choice due to his overzealousness. So here we are.

The Feud Gang was a staunch ally to the Price Gang until recently. John O' Hurley was in the running to replace Bob Barker, and the fact that you were picked over him pisses him off severely. So he gets revenge. Like with all other rival game show hosts, beat him at his own game to defeat him.

Ricki Lake and Todd Newton[edit]

In 1983, a man named Peter Tomarken founded a Press Your Luck Force. This show was a staunch ally to the Price Gang while it lasted, but it didn't last very long. The gang disbanded in 1986, but Rod Roddy lived on as The Price is Right's announcer. In 2002, a man named Todd Newton tried to revive the gang with a show called Whammy: The All-New PYL, but that show fared even worse, due to the complaints of change-hating fanb01z. Pissed off, Todd assassinated Peter in March 2006 and made it look like a plane crash.

Meanwhile, Ricki Lake took her own stab at a revival with a Game Show Marathon. This show featured remakes of many other shows, including The Price is Right, Let's Make a Deal, Family Feud, Match Game 70's, and even Card Sharks. But Ricki performed very poorly and ruined the reputation of all those shows.

Todd Newton was in the running to replace Bob Barker and was the fans' second favorite, right after Rich Fields. But he was rejected for you. That pisses him off even further, causing him to combine forces with Ricki Lake.

These guys are tough to defeat. And the Whammy makes them even harder. He'll turn out the lights and try to steal all your money while you're in the dark. If you hear a foghorn-like buzzer, he's close. Hide from him as best as you can. Ricki and Todd will also try to lure contestants away from The Price is Right.

Howie Mandel[edit]

Host of Deal Or No Deal. He tries to horn in on your harem by starting one of his own. The harem is made of expatriates from your harem like Claudia Jordan, and even girls currently in your harem like Lanisha Cole and Phire Dawson! (Coincidentally, they do mention having "secret lives"...) He's also resentful because he went from being some bad comedian that inflated gloves with his nose to being a bad comedian that tells scantily clad women to open briefcases. Howie himself shouldn't be too hard to defeat, as he's a germophobe.

Bob Saget[edit]

Boss of the struggling 1 vs. 100 Gang, close allies to Deal or No Deal. Total obsession of the Tourette's Guy. They're a joke. You can ignore these guys.

Regis Philbin[edit]

Former host of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and currently Million Dollar Password. He assists Meredith Vieira by using his higher budget and his assistant, Kelly Ripa, to draw contestants away from The Price is Right. Counter with a Million Dollar Spectacular.

Meredith Vieira[edit]

Current host of Millionaire. She's also a reporter for NBC's Today show, so be very careful when fighting her, as you are on camera and have a higher chance of being arrested by the police!

Marc Green and John "ClockGameJohn" Sly[edit]

Leaders of the Golden Gang. ClockGameJohn was a contestant on The Price is Right early in 2003. Although these guys were originally staunch allies of the Price Gang, they betrayed the gang in January 2005 by making their picture showcase, the Golden Gallery, members only. Since then, they've recruited some of the most psychopathic fanb01z in existence, and these fanb01z just hate your show.

They call you "repetitive" because of some of the things you say. Yet, they don't have a problem with the things that Bob Barker said that made HIM repetitive. They hate your revamped studio. They hate your revamped music. They hate CHANGE!!! And to that effect, they want to control what you can and can't do with your show. Most of them want your show to remain exactly the same way it is now, right down to your hosting abilities, not fully realizing that Bob Barker is gone, outta here, and he's never coming back. They essentially only like the show for Bob, not for anything else. It's up to you to prove to them that the show can be done without Bob.

When they were allies to the Price Gang, Golden had a few interesting components. One was the Friday Prediction Game, where people used the pricing game lineups on the Monday-Thursday episodes to predict Friday's lineup. There was also the Chatroom Showcase Showoff, where contestants guessed the prices of each Showcase on the show and earned points depending on how well they guess. There was also "Host Your Own!", a forum where people made and hosted mock Price episodes. Finally, there was a TPIR-centric version of The Amazing Race and a Bingo spinoff called "Greco". You may still be able to play these games if you're lucky.

Recently, some of the gang's members have betrayed it from within by defending you. These guys are often accused of "turning their back on Bob" and "forgetting about Bob". Help them help you.

Scott "MSTieScott" Robinson[edit]

A CBS Page Gang member who betrays the gang for Golden He eventually leads his new friends in a battle against his old friends.

Katie Couric[edit]

Dubya's bitch. She took over for CBS News after Dan Rather screwed himself in November 2004. Her main purpose in life is to constantly interrupt The Price is Right with press conferences. You have to take her out before you can even so much as begin to work on...

George W. "Dubya" Bush[edit]

The FORMER President of the United States that got beat by the antichr..err i mean Obama. For whatever reason, he just loves to hold press conferences at 11:00 A.M. on the White House's Rose Garden, causing preemptions of The Price is Right in the Eastern and Central time zones. He is the head of the NeoCon Gang, and his understudies include Katie Couric, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O' Reilly, and Ann Coulter, as well as his staff. It is unknown why he likes 11:00 A.M. or what Bob or Drew ever did to him (if anything) to deserve having TPIR preempted so much, but it does piss Drew off so much that he and Dubya eventually square off.

Elite Bosses[edit]

Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles[edit]

Two Canadians who were allies to Drew in the days of Whose Line is it Anyway? and even performed in the original British version hosted by Clive Anderson. But they always felt that you shafted them by giving them really crappy roles and scenes to perform, usually having Mochrie play a woman. And your constant need to have Colin play a woman in some scenes scarred him for life. In a move similar to the Speed series, they plant a bomb in Studio 33 that will blow up if the show's ratings ever drop below a certain number. You have to get on your A-game (and making Million Dollar Spectaculars won't hurt) and keep the show's ratings alive while your allies defuse the bomb. Hopefully you haven't lost those kick-ass improv skills from the Whose Line days...

Kat Dennings and Jessy Schram[edit]

Two attractive young women born five months apart in 1986 who have caused trouble for the Price Gang since 2005, and since Drew got picked by Bob in July 2007, they've gotten even stronger. While Kat Dennings plays most of the rebellious, punk rock-inspired teenagers in movies, Jessy Schram, however, is known to play a younger version of the main character, Allison DuBois (played by Patricia Arquette) from Medium from rival NBC. To earn the right to face either James Lafferty or Ashlee Register, you're going to have to defeat these two seductive women.

They were once henchwomen to James Lafferty, but a recent quarrel with hated rival Scott Michael Foster (who is now part of the Price Gang) that he didn't tell the girls about caused them to turn against him ("Misery Business" by Paramore signifies Kat or when they team up; "Dirty Sunshine" by Lillix signifies Jessy alone). These two troublemakers will try to gain levels to make Ashlee Register's army and even their queen, the Elite Boss herself even harder. And if that isn't enough, Dennings and Schram supply Register with some of the youngest female contestants for Register's army, from age 18-30. They're also being hunted by Amor Graciano and Kimberley Handy, as the two young women in the Price Gang decided to eavesdrop on their evil plan and kill it. To defeat Dennings and Schram, make sure that one of your shows do not have any more than 2 of them. Some of their attacks are strikingly similar to the boss Blaze clones, Mona and Lisa from the Sega Genesis game Streets of Rage and Streets of Rage 3 as well as other girl enemies from other '90s 16-bit beat-'em-ups, which is enough to hurt Drew and any other Price gang member who isn't careful. They also encourage Register's army to Stop The Dob as well as give such raunchy taunts.

One way to defeat them is to have zero young females in a Million Dollar Spectacular, or like Register and Lafferty, have a male or an ally of Suzanne Sloane or Scott Michael Foster win the Showcase and/or $1,000,000. Oh, and having Dob put Magic Number in a pricing game show lineup scares them off--causing whoever's song that's playing to faint like a turntable losing power at a club. However, if one young female is playing Magic Number, the song won't go away and the Dob can be stopped very easily. Be aware; should she play Magic Number and it happens to be that she wins the game and the Showcase, the mission will not only be failed, Ashlee Register will also defeat Drew, so be careful. If she does NOT win the Showcase, something funny will happen to one of the girls' themes that's designed to make you laugh out loud... (that also means the loss forces BOTH Kat Dennings and Jessy Schram to retreat.)

Ashlee Register[edit]

By day, she's disguised as Tracy Brown, a 5-time game show champion from Texas who retired undefeated in 1985 with $57,636 in cash and prizes on Press Your Luck. She also has a partner, Adele Borgier, a 2-day champion also from Press Your Luck with $28,933, but was asked to come back due to a new rule in 1984. She's also known to go a number of spins without a whammy. Like Raymond Taylor, she is a source of really crazy contestants, and she is one of the toughest bosses Drew has to deal with. Her army is full of young women out to hurt Drew's morale and health. Their attacks consist of a devastating shriek wave which can make a dent in Drew, so be careful. (The last boss theme from the Sega Genesis game Splatterhouse 2 plays when such a contestant approaches Drew; the final boss theme from the game Sonic the Hedgehog 3 plays when both leaders Tracy and Adele are approaching.) The Price Gang has had a problem with her for years since 2000. The leader's major attack is leaving a smell of fragrant perfume around the studio that's lovely and serves as an attract mark for her army--but also drains Drew's health to 0, so be careful.

At night, Ashlee shows her true form. She is a registered nurse and prime time game show winner from Florida with $1.7 million on Duel. Ashlee's main attack is a devastating clap which is supposed to imitate an alligator chomping (sideways hand clap) which brings down Drew's morale and momentum as well (the last boss prelude from the 1996 arcade game Salamander 2 followed by the odd-level Robotnik bosses from Sonic 3D Blast signify Ashlee).

Her army in daytime and nighttime alike consists of radical feminists who try to Stop The Dob, shriek a lot, and hurt Drew. Having Dob put Magic Number (nicknamed "Geezmo" by die-hard TPiR fans) in his show's pricing game lineup helps to stop them. But this plan is not foolproof, because if a young woman gets into the Showcase, Ashlee Register will go into her most powerful form, making her one of the hardest bosses in the game ("Everybody's Fool" by Evanescence signifies Ashlee Register's last form). She's also insensitive to the overbid horn (in other words, "MRRRRRP" to some die-hard TPiR fans), especially if it happens to one of her recruits. This sound that nobody wants to get on Price serves as an attract mark to both Amor Graciano and Kimberley Handy, two of Ashlee Register's most hated rivals to try and score the upset if this happens in the Showcase Showdown or the Showcase.

To defeat Ashlee in her most powerful form, get a contestant to win $1,000,000 in a Spectacular or get a male to win the Showcase or any other game show, as she's rumored to attack other shows as well with her army of young women. Then Ashlee comes out and you can fight her directly. Her attacks consist of the aforementioned perfume and pressure button from Duel. She also acts as a dominatrix and attacks with a whip. If you can defeat all three of her forms, she will be defeated for good. If Kimberley Handy gets her hands on Ashlee Register, "ultra" health and morale are your prizes (or even a bonus car).

James Lafferty[edit]

Assists Ashlee Register by giving her recruits for her army. He also has his own army.

The Price Gang's history with him began in 2003 around the time teen dramas such as One Tree Hill and The O.C. aired. Bob Barker wrote a letter to the FCC to get rid of the raunchy behavior, which led to the shows getting cancelled. His army consists of male college kids and frat boys, as well as people from California (usually the Orange County area and the San Fernando Valley), defunct reality TV stars, MTV junkies, and "skater punks" who are really posers working for Avril Lavigne. They are stuck up and arrogant by not congratulating the opponent who loses when they win the Showcase and by showing off in many ways ranging from hurting Drew to having too many friends and family come out on stage to celebrate when he/she wins the Showcase, but will deceive you by saluting you the best they can. All these enemies care about is their lives. (If you hear a Kelly Clarkson song, a woman approaches; if you hear a Trapt or Papa Roach song; a man will approach; the Doomsday Zone from the Sega Genesis game Sonic & Knuckles signifies the leader's first form; Ortega's theme (Stage CWA) from the 1994 Capcom arcade game Ring of Destruction: Slam Masters II signifies his last and true form. His attitude and his army explains why Amor Graciano and Kimberley Handy want him defeated since 2003.

James himself does not fight in his first form. He does, however, steal surfboards and scuba gear from your inventory. His second form, on the other hand, is also quite an accomplished mage who uses tons of water-based attacks, including some of the more popular Pokémon moves like Surf. He goes down like Ashlee: unlock his second form by getting one of his guys in the Showcase, followed by an ally of Scott Michael Foster. Then get the ally of either of the two to win either the Showcase or $1,000,000 in a special (double health and morale if an ally of Scott Michael Foster wins the Showcase). This will get him to come out of hiding. Then give him hell! Should Kimberley Handy get her hands on James Lafferty, you'll get the same reward if she defeats Ashlee Register: "ultra" health and morale (or even a bonus car).


The host of the crazy ABC reality TV show I Survived a Japanese Game Show. His henchmen, the Men In Black (not to be confused with the 1998 film and its 2002 sequel)--also Japanese--and in stylish suits with a black tie--kidnap people from your Price audience in America and puts them on Majide (he's the host of this show, sort of like a show within a reality TV show), a crazy Double Dare (American obstacle course/"Physical Challenge" version on Nickelodeon hosted by Marc Summers from the early '90s) ripoff from Japan (there are no questions like American game shows to answer over there). You can either rescue them or counter the show with an American Million Dollar Spectacular. You really don't want to deal with him, because--unlike Ashlee Register--his army of Asian contestants are the hardest set of contestants to deal with. He also gives Ashlee Register and James Lafferty some recruits from that region of the world (some speak in perfect English as well, and could be from California).

Affectionately nicknamed "Asian-type James Lafferty" to some Price Gang members, he is disgusted by this because a) he has no idea who James Lafferty (another Elite Boss) is, and b) he actually does not like your show. "Rome" does not fight himself, he sends his "Men in Black" to dump stuff on you (like the Bob Bergen-hosted kids' show Jep! (when such a kid gets two wrong answers in the main game and the contents in their vat spill on top of them) and Todd Newton's Whammy! The All-New Press Your Luck (when a player lands on a Double Whammy in Round 3)), and--like Samoans that Bob feared back in his younger days--encourage Asian contestants on your show to wreak havoc and try to pick Drew up off the ground! Defeating him and his henchmen unlocks more trips to exotic places around the world for your show--daytime and Million Dollar Spectacular.

Leighton Meester[edit]

The mastermind behind James Lafferty and Ashlee Register's random attacks on your show. The mention of her name strikes fear into the hearts of the Price Gang and its friends worldwide. To earn the right to face her, you need to have a perfect week (at least 3 daytime shows where the green graphic used for $35,000+ total wins if a person wins a Showcase and a big prize)--by one of the allies of Scott Michael Foster, Suzanne Sloane, Amor Graciano, or Kimberley Handy.

At the start of the game when Bob retired, James Lafferty and Ashlee Register caused total chaos, ultimately upsetting Kimberley Handy that Bob's gone and never coming back. Arrogant college kids, young men, and frat boys as well as cute female contestants have ravaged and rampaged your show since the 1990s. But that's not all they did. Ashlee Register recruited popular actresses Kat Dennings and Jessy Schram to do her dirty work, and James Lafferty recruited a goth overlord who shan't be named whose set of contestant hopefuls consists of people dressed in punk and goth fashions just to make your experience get off to a bad start. All of this caused by one person: Leighton Meester.

The Price Gang's problems with Leighton started just as you were considered for being Barker's successor on your show. Because of Barker's Million Dollar Spectaculars, her first show on NBC, Surface, was canceled, and she went into a violent outrage, trashing her dressing room. One year later she relocated to New York City, where she stars in Gossip Girl as the evil Blair Waldorf. People in news media have called her "cute" and "super-cute". Don't let her looks (she's in her 20s) fool you, though--defeating Leighton will not be an easy task.

When you successfully defeat Ashlee Register and James Lafferty for one week, Leighton will come out on that Friday. Her attacks are like Register and Lafferty combined, as well as Register's henchwomen that do her dirty work. When you defeat her, she will not only reveal Happy's location but will also reveal that your mentor has betrayed you...! (you're awarded $400,000 if either Kimberley Handy or Amor Graciano successfully takes out Leighton Meester, too.)

Eldrick "Happy" Gilmore[edit]

World-class golfer, and an archenemy to TPIR. He performs the role in this game that Bowser serves in the Mario series: the ultimate, #1 enemy in the game. No one is better than him. You MUST defeat all other "Elite Bosses" before you can face Happy.

He became an enemy to The Price is Right after Bob Barker destroyed him in a fight in 1996. But Happy, smug in the knowledge that Bob Barker was nearly invincible to attack, chose not to seek revenge right away. Instead, he honed his skills and worked on becoming a golf legend so that he could gain enough power.

After winning numerous PGA Tours and even beating the crap out of Tiger Woods, Happy then launched his plans. Using his fame, influence and money from Nike and Reebok endorsements, Happy devotes the majority of his time and money to destroying TPIR. Happy creates the Gilmore's Goons Gang, a collection of hockey wannabes and crazed golf fanatics. Happy has also funded a series of attempted terrorist attacks against Bob, Drew, and the CBS Television City headquarters. He also founded Anti-PETA, or ATEP, a group that opposed Bob's animal rights activism.

Although Bob was able to keep Happy in check with relative ease, you might not be as lucky. You'll meet Happy and his gang throughout the game, and in the final mission, you will battle Happy in a personal struggle.

But when you fight Happy, is it really the end???

Bob Barker[edit]

No it's not the end. After you defeat Happy Gilmore, you'll find your studio being raided by a very familiar face...

Bob is the former head of the Price Gang, and he feels that you're ruining his show with your hosting style. The "Hold my hand. Say, "Alakazam!"" bit during games like Double Prices especially grates on his nerves, but it isn't until Barker's Markers is renamed "Make Your Mark" that Bob finally cracks.

The reason Bob attacks you in this game is because people still think that Price is his show. But it isn't. It's YOUR show now! And you've got to prove that to him and his worshippers.

Be extremely careful when battling him! Because he hosted the show for so long, he knows the studio inside-out. He also learned martial arts from Chuck Norris, and in GTA: TV City 1, Bob was an almighty deity who was indestructable. He was famous for shouting out "The price is right, bitch!", "Now you've had enough, bitch!", "What the fuck do you think you're doing!?!" and "Yippie kay-yay, motherfucker!" after pwning people. Even Happy Gilmore failed to take him down.

You may actually have to recruit Happy Gilmore to your side to take down Bob. He's THAT powerful!

If you defeat Bob, you'll be the ultimate game show host!


Cleveland, OH[edit]

Drew Carey's stomping grounds. Come here if you need to rest, buy new weapons, or escape the cops.

Winfield, IL[edit]

Scott Michael Foster's stomping grounds. Come here if you need advice on how to defeat James Lafferty or Ashlee Register's toughest armies or the bosses themselves.

New York, NY[edit]

Home of Who Wants to be a Millionaire, The Late Show with David Letterman and Live with Regis and Kelly. Proceed with caution. You can also do missions here involving David Letterman, Jay Leno, and Conan O' Brien.

Washington D.C.[edit]

Home of the White House. You travel here to fight the NeoCons. There are also a few other minor missions you can do here, too, like interviews for The Washington Post.

Tokyo, Japan[edit]

Home of I Survived a Japanese Game Show's Majide, filmed in Toho Studios. You can also explore the city with the Price Gang. You also battle "Rome" and his henchmen to rescue Americans from the crazy show as explained above.

CBS TV City[edit]

Studio 33 is where The Price Is Right is taped, and the main base of operations for the Price Gang. You can store your weapons and vehicles here. You also fight to keep the Ashlee Register, Raymond Taylor, and James Lafferty-sent army of contestants under control here--or have them do your dirty work by having them win the 1-Bid game first.

Other shows tape in 33. Also, there are other studios in TV City that you can go to. Studio 36 is where you can seek out Jeff Foxworthy, Studio 43 is where Wayne Brady might be, and Studio 41 is where Press Your Luck is. Numerous soap operas and other stuff also tape in TV City. The stars of those shows can give you protection money and weapons.

Sony Pictures Studios[edit]

The studios where Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! are taped.

Culver Studios[edit]

Headquarters of Deal Or No Deal and Duel. You battle Howie Mandel and Mike Greenberg here. Also, you meet Ashlee Register.


Essentially, this website is just MySpace, only Price is Right-centric. Lots of fanb01z live here, and they will attack anyone who isn't Bob Barker, The Dob, or Fingers at first sight. The mods are especially vicious and will censor you, lock you, and ban you. Oh, and you can take part in their games, too (mentioned above).

Happy Gilmore's Grandmother's House[edit]

Headquarters for Happy Gilmore. The toughest enemies live here, including Happy himself. Needless to say, this is where the final, toughest missions of the game take place.

Bob Barker's house[edit]

Where you ultimately fight Bob Barker. It's a very luxurious mansion that even has its own golf course.


While you can get around on foot just as well as you can by car, you will occasionally need to ride in luxury - or transport people and weapons on your missions. For these purposes, here are some of the vehicles available.

  • Chevy Cobalt: Basic form of transportation. You have thousands of these, and your underboss, Roger Dobkowitz, desperately tries to get rid of them on The Price is Right.
  • Ford Focus: Slightly better than the Aveo, and almost as common.
  • Ford Mustang: Somewhat sportier car, and another frequent prize on The Price is Right. For some reason, contestants think they cost more than they are really worth.
  • Lincoln Town Car: A slightly less frequent prize on TPIR. It's speed and ability to carry cargo are balanced.
  • Dodge Viper: Fastest car in the game, but unable to carry very much. It's very rare to see this car given away on The Price is Right.
  • Tour Buses: Some of the tour buses used to bring large groups to the show have been boosted for you to use. While slow and rather dull looking, they can transport dozens of gang members and tons of weapons, making them very useful on some missions.
  • Surfboard: Some members of the Lafferty and Register armies ride this. Steal it off of them to go cruising around in style. Unfortunately, you can't carry anything or anyone, but its speed is blinding!
  • Air Force One: The President's airplane. You gain this by defeating George W. Bush. Almost essential if you travel back and forth between the East Coast and the Bob Barker Studio frequently. Like the bus, it can transport lots of gang members and weapons, but it's much faster and can help you evade the police better than the other vehicles. Also, for some odd reason, people cheer for you a lot when you're in this plane. Perhaps maybe they think you're the President or something...!
  • Lexus LS: Bob Barker's official ride. Stylish, luxurious and capable of carrying four other gang members. You win this when (if) you defeat Bob. It's highly recommended that you use this car when looking for new models. It's rumored that Bob created the "no foreign cars" policy on The Price is Right during the first Gulf War in the early 1990's just so he'd have an excuse to never give this car away.


  • Guns: The weapon that's standard to all Grand Theft Auto games.
  • Armor: Makes you immune to other people's guns/projectiles but not to physical attacks.
  • Spiked Belts, Bracelets, Necklaces, etc.: Causes people to get hurt when they punch you, making you immune to physical attacks. Guns and projectiles can still hit you, though.
  • Hole in One or Two Putter: You can bludgeon opponents with this normally. But if you charge up its power enough, you can whack 'em sky-high!
  • Plinko Stick: This stick has the power to impale people and blow up cars. But it's unwieldy, and requires charging up before you can do that! Uncharged, it's just an ordinary stick that can pummel people.
  • TV's, Ashley Furniture, and Other Minor TPIR Prizes: These act as projectile weapons. You can even get a launcher to shoot them with.
  • Million Dollar Spectaculars: Like Easter eggs in games, these can be earned by completing certain missions. You start with three for free when you start the game, but you can earn more.

Earning Million Dollar Spectaculars[edit]

As explained eariler, there are now ways to earn Million Dollar Spectaculars. They can be earned anytime, anywhere, and any place in the game. Here are some examples of ways you can earn MDSs:

  • Visit the Pause Menu: 1 MDS
  • Change the options on the Pause Menu: 1 MDS
  • Have someone bid $69 as a One-Bid item (seeing that everyone else is over): 1 MDS
  • Bump into Scott Michael Foster: 1 MDS
  • Bump into Suzanne Sload: 1 MDS
  • Bump into Amor Graciano: 2 MDSs
  • Bump into Kimberley Handy: 2 MDSs
  • Have a player win $10,000 on the Big Wheel: 2 MDSs
  • Have 5 players win both Showcases in one week: 2 MDSs
  • Have a perfect show in which everyone wins their pricing game: 3 MDSs
  • Trap James Lafferty and Ashlee Register's recruits in a Double Overbid: 3 MDSs
  • Defeat one of James Lafferty's recruits by $250 or less in the Showcase: 3 MDSs
  • Defeat one of Ashlee Register's recruits by $250 or less in the Showcase: 3 MDSs
  • Defeat ANY Elite Boss: 4 MDSs

There are many more to be found, so keep your eyes peeled!


  • The Price Is Right Theme - Sheila Cole
  • Come On Down - Crystal Waters
  • Music from The Price is Right - Score Productions
  • Big Wheels - Alan Thicke
  • Changing Keys - Merv Griffin (later versions of the theme done by Steve Kaplan)
  • Think! - Merv Griffin
  • Shuckatoom Theme from American Top 40 - Jim Kirk (Markwater Music)
  • American Top 40 Theme 1984-1987 - Markwater Music
  • American Top 40 Theme 1987-1989 - Jim Long
  • Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Time After Time, She-Bop, and All Through the Night - Cyndi Lauper
  • Edge of Seventeen - Stevie Nicks
  • Don't Stop, Dreams, and Gypsy - Fleetwood Mac
  • Love is a Battlefield and Hit Me With Your Best Shot - Pat Benatar
  • Cleveland Rocks - from The Drew Carey Show
  • Who Is It, Thriller, and Billie Jean - Michael Jackson
  • Complicated, Sk8er Boi, Girlfriend, Losing Grip, and Anything but Ordinary - Avril Lavigne
  • Miss Independent, Since U Been Gone and Behind These Hazel Eyes - Kelly Clarkson
  • Want to Be Loved, Getting Away With Murder and Not Listening - Papa Roach
  • Everybody's Fool and My Immortal - Evanescence
  • Holiday, Like a Virgin, Like a Prayer, Into the Groove, and Lucky Star - Madonna
  • I'm Not Over You - CeCe Peniston
  • Dirty Sunshine and Invisible - Lillix
  • Misery Business and Thats What You Get - Paramore
  • How to Save a Life - The Fray
  • Ohio is for Lovers and Niki FM - Hawthorne Heights
  • Bleeding Mascara, Demonology and Heartache and Becoming the Bull - Atreyu
  • Like Light to Flies and Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr - Trivium
  • The Poison - Bullet for My Valentine
  • Stars and Stripes Forever - John Philip Souza
  • The Star-Spangled Banner - Francis Scott Key
  • IceCap Zone, Angel Island Zone and Final Boss from Sonic the Hedgehog 3
  • Final Boss from Splatterhouse 2
  • Prelude of the Last Battle from Salamander 2
  • Doomsday Zone from Sonic & Knuckles
  • Stage CWA from Ring of Destruction: Slam Masters II
  • Music from Deal or No Deal, Live with Regis and Kelly, , Big Brother, The Weakest Link, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, The Late Show with David Letterman, The Tonight Show, Duel, and CBS News