Grand Theft Auto: The Land Before Time

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Due to coincide with the release of the landmark 2,395th story set in the Land Before Time universe, Grand Theft Auto: The Land Before Time was deemed to be possibly the worst dinosaur them up ever. Only rockstar faithful's decided to buy the game, but discovered numerous bugs, such as not being able to get inside a "car", very little in the way of munitions and when time actually began: usually 25 minutes into gameplay.


The plot revolved around the sub-chieftain of a dinosaur herd, Dick, being sent to dino prison for invading the caverns and holes of the "Kradle Krew" and sparking of a war. this was very bad. Dick, fuelled by revenge, decides to try and fight his way back to the sub-top using all he had - which unfortunately wasnt enough considering the 25 minute time "limit" where "god" ruined everything. This was the only similarity between all 206 of the other landmark GTA games. The game wierdly ladened the player down with trivial tasks by the various villagers to "go pay my rentz money, innit" and "shut the damn triceratops up with my bone blud" which was viewed as highly offensive by the "we love dino's" community.


GTA: TLBT was packaged with a gun like feature to please the "kiddies". The gun had a de-sensitized Dick printed on the side as to draw attention from the films dwindling target market. This only added to the games infamous reputation as the gun often broke while being "used" and killed several children, dogs and snails. Rare guns can now be found on ebay, where the only way they can be shifted is through the false labelling of them as "new wii controller" due to the similar effect the gun has once it leaves the idiot/ unconcious users hand.


Despite the games heavy slating, one notable critic is rembered to of said: "the worst EVER game on the PS3, and thats saying something" before being assasinated by the "Sony hit squad"

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