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GTA: GTA, PlayStation 3 Edition
An earlier version of the game for PS2

Grand Theft Auto: Greater Toronto Area is the seventh installment of the Grand Theft Auto series. It is the first game of the series that has a female main character. You play as Jane Finch, a gangsta girl who lives in the Toronto ghetto of North York. Your goal is to start out as a street level marijuana dealer and then rise your way through Toronto's criminal ranks to become the crime queen of the city. Do missions for drug dealers, bikers, corrupt cops and politicians to further your own goals. Betray people on your climb to the top of the Toronto crime world. Many side missions including gang warfare, drug dealing, and pimping. These side missions can be used to raise more money for better weapons and cars (of course you can easily steal these).


Jane Finch[edit]

Jane Finch

The main character of the game. Lives in Brampton but eventually buys a mansion in Mississauga after becoming crime queen of the Greater Toronto Area. She starts out as a low level prostitute that has to work for Patrick Craig Smith for less than decent pay. She eventually kills her pimp in a moment of extreme ecstasy. She engages in pimping, dope dealing, extortion, gambling, and contract killings. As the daughter of a pimp and a crack whore, Jane was exposed to violence and crime from an early age, she witnessed her parents beat the shit out of one another and learned that violence was an acceptable way to solve problems. Jane ran with a street gang as a child and learned more about fighting and killing. She also learned that pimping and selling dope were good ways to make a living. She plans on leaving North York to expand her drug clientele. She later hooks up with Rex Dale, a gangbanger from Ghettobicoke. The first words uttered from his mouth were:"No good will come of this". Despite being from different turfs, Jane and Rex soon find out they have a lot in common and decide to join forces in order to satisfy each others primal urges (sexually) and to take over the city.

Rex Dale[edit]

File:Gta-carl.jpg Jane's boyfriend and partner in crime. You get to play as Rex through certain parts of the game and he and Jane get to do many missions together. Many of them involve drive-by shootings with Rex driving and Jane pulling the trigger. Had a similar upbringing to Jane. Grew up in the notorious Jamestown region of the city and ran with street gangs throughout his youth. His mother was a hooker and he never knew who is father was. He meets up with Jane and the two join forces in order to take over Toronto. Rex is the only GTA:GTA playable character in the game other then Jane. He can be used in two player mode when Rex and Jane do a free roam around the city. Originally a Jamestown Crip, he is betrayed by his homies when it is found out he is dating Jane. Jane and Rex later destroy his former gang in a bloody shootout.

Don Mills[edit]

Local corrupt cop. You do many missions for him taking out rival gangs in a deal for amnesty. He later hooks you up with a police car and allows you to pull people over on the 401 for speeding and extort money out of them.

Sgt. John Garland[edit]

Local military officer. Like Officer Mills, he will use unorthodox methods to purge the city of criminals whom he refers to as enemy combatants even if it means using other criminals to do the dirty work. Provides Jane and Rex with a tank which they later use to level Scarborough.

Muhammad Muhammad[edit]

Somali immigrant. He hates all Canadians and exclaims "Allah!" frequently. His life consists of driving his cab, chewing Khat, and directing fellow Somali immigrants to the welfare office. He is dangerous, as there are 50,000 of him.

Glen Erin[edit]

Local millionaire, lives in a mansion that you eventually have to take over and turn into a grow house/meth lab. Early on you do missions for him like shooting up the Toronto stock exchange, running over the neighbor's dog who keeps crapping on his lawn, and returning his porno tapes while being chased by angry Mormons and random Pakistanis.

Rival Gangs[edit]

  • The Scarborough crackheads: A bunch of crackheads who sit at home and smoke crack. They have no girlfriend or job and they lack motivation to do anything other than sit around and smoke crack. Except smoking weed, and playing Nintendo 64, the only they can afford.
  • Wiggers: A group of 13 year olds from Mississauga and Oakville, all from middle and upperclass familes. A typical wigger wears jersesys 3 times to big for them, shorts that go to their ankles and a yankees hat. They are not a threat but they will skateboard around the mall and yell profanaties at random people, annoying store owners and old people everywhere.
  • Heaven's Devils: Local motorcycle gang. Jane and Rex fight them over drug turf and eventually end up working for Officer Mills to help bring down the gang. They don't do it for a good cause though, and only open up the city's drug market to themselves.
  • Jamestown Crips: Rival group of gangstas from GHETTObicoke. A small street level gang. Are mostly destroyed in the Jamestown Shootout mission.
  • Godstone Ganstaz: A bunch of white and asian guys who think they're tough. Hang around at Fairview Mall and terrorize the locals, especially morons who go to Yorkland, the local bankrupt private Christian school.
  • Regent Park Boys: Another group of gangstas from Regent Park. They are also rivals with the Jamestown Crips. They are destroyed during the shootout downtown against Jane, Rex, and Don.
  • Btown's Finestz: A group of gangstas that had relocated to Brampton once they were forced to be evicted from the slums of North York. They were pissed off to live with niggers every day.
  • Tdot Tiggaz: Notorious tamil gang located in west Toronto. Their goal is to eliminate every other gang and take over Toronto's curry trade. Leader of this gang is known as RGJ. His enemy is MSA.
  • Moscow Mafiya: A gang in East Toronto that hails from Russia. Their goal is to wipe out all other gangs in Toronto, & the police force, so that a new Russian state can be established in Canada. They carry some pretty heavy weaponry.
  • Oakville Brownstains: Immigrant gang that has control of most of the western GTA and multiply throughout the game unless you deal with them early on. This gang can also buy out your businesses and turn them into curry factories. Often confused with the Jameswtown Crips as they tend to dress and act just like black people.
  • Leafs Fans: Although technically a wing of the Tamizhan Rollers, the Leafs Fans spend most of their time being douchebags and waiting for 40 years for stuff to happen.


  • Selling Drugs in the annex
  • Pimping
  • Drive by Shootings
  • Breaking into unlocked houses and stealing there wisky's their whisky
  • Shootouts in Jamestown and downtown
  • Nap
  • Subway Slaughter
  • Mass Transit Massacre
  • Tim Hortons driveby
  • SkyDome shootout and kidnapping the Blue Jays for ransom (although usually no one in the game will care if you do this)
  • Queen's Candy shop
  • Hijack a streetcar
  • Kill the managers of Canadian Tire.
  • The Great Toronto Riot
  • Blowing the Shit out of stuff
  • Pacific Mall Bombing
  • Bathurst Street Battle
  • CN Tower suicide fall
  • Going to a strip club and watching strippers not get NAKED
  • Assassination of Rob Ford and members of city council
  • bungie jump off of the CN
  • Niagra Falls Suicide
  • Nuke Buffalo, New York
  • Make the Maple Leafs team NOTE: THIS IS VERY EASY
  • Win the Stanley Cup with the Maple Leafs (To complete this mission, simply set the console's clock back 40 years.)
  • Running over Tamil Tiger protesters on University Ave.

List of Vehicles in GTA: Toronto[edit]

  • Taxi (driven by the notorious Muhammad Muhammad)
  • SIG CLRV L1 (TTC Streetcar)
  • DMC DeLorean
  • McLaren F1
  • Lamborghini
  • Orion VII (TTC Bus)
  • GO Train
  • Reefer (Drug smuggling boat)
  • Mafiya Lada Riva
  • Plymouth Road Runner (comes with Grue)
  • 18 Wheels of Steel
  • The Viking 1 (visiting earth to help the crimminal activities of the Americans) kill him and he becomes a car
  • 1973 Cadillac Eldorado pimpmobile
  • Saint John's Ambulance
  • Ford Crown Victoria (police car)
  • 2004 Pontiac GTO (super police car)
  • Chevy Step Van (S.W.A.T. van)
  • Ford Crown Victoria (R.C.M.P. unmarked car)
  • Leopard C1 tank
  • CF 431 Snowbird (works once then falls apart in mid air)
  • CH-146 police helicopter
  • CH-146 attack helicopter
  • CF-18 fighter jet(the F-18, but with a night light so that the pilots don't get scared at night)
  • 680 News Traffic Cessna
  • Cadillac Eldorado aka the Pimpmobile
  • A chariot led by a team of four Vietnamese prostitutes

Unlockable cars[edit]

  • Lamborghini Diablo (super police car)
  • Armored Pontiac Trans Am
  • 1974 Ford Falcon XB (Mad Max Interceptor)
  • Peterbilt 346 snowplow
  • Dragster
  • KITT
  • Christine
  • Gravedigger
  • The Waffen SS
  • Oscar Meyer Weinermobile
  • Banana Car
  • TruckaSaurus
  • KrAZ-6322 army truck
  • Possum Van
  • Lada Niva armoured vehicle
  • 1938 TTC Transit Bus (Rebuilt 8 times, still in service!)
  • 1972 Bombardier TTC Subway Train (Can be used for mini-games)
  • Two Cows
  • Gay Pride Parade Float
  • Flying Delorean
  • Jurassic Park Hummer
  • Batmobile
  • Podracer
  • Snowspeeder
  • Popemobile
  • 1983 Nissan Shitbox
  • Heavily Armed Zamboni (Canada's ultimate weapon, easy to steal)
  • Prime minister's limo


Grand Theft Auto: Toronto, unlike the Other GTA games, has only two radio stations. One plays a special never ending version of "2112" by Rush, the other loops "YYZ", also by Rush.


(on P.C edition only)

Weatherher - Changes the weather. Note: Snow storms cause the army to be called in.

YaySuburbia - Teleports you to Mississauga, Ajax, Whitby, Oakville, or Pickering

YayPoorSuburbia - Teleports you to Scarborough

YongeAndEligible - Pedestrians follow you.

SpareSomeChange - $1 000 000. cdn (you may suffer a slight green tinge, this is a skin pigment problem, cant be helped)

WelfareMe - Teleports you to St James town. (you suddenly feel weak)

GetOnTheGo - Spawns a go bus. (side effects include standing for long periods of time and a tramp on the back seat)

TakeTheCar - Spawns a TTC bus. (side effects include lack of motivation)

RedRocket - Spawns 14 TTC streetcars, but they are 25 minutes down the track and stuck in traffic.

WindowsVista - Turns the off and never lets you turn it back on.

Plow3mDown - Spawns a Peterbilt 346 snowplow. (comes with a free mr.plow jacket)

HydraPlease - Spawns a Ford Focus. (what car?'s car of the year, it suddely breaks upon contact with the road)

GetBackInTheCloset - Turns off gay pride parade.

GoddamnSwedes - Turns everything in your safe house into IKEA furniture

RoadsArentSafe - Makes your character Chinese. You will also teleported to Pacific Mall.

SonyStyle - Makes your character Japanese. (if activated after 15:00, you get a free PSP)

BiteAnApple Gives you a free MacBook pro with a dead motherboard

s0konMYcock - Makes everyone in the game naked. (Over 9000 users agree that this cheat works)

Rexthedog - Makes Rex into mans best friend. (may induce biting and chewing on your new ikea furniture)

Opium - The screen becomes blurry as though the main character is on Drugs. (although contary to popular belief this does not make you happy)

hoUsebytheS33 - Unlocks Every Property, including the bonus 'Cardboard Box' save point. (may set off alarms in many estate agents throught the game)

8littleKids - Play as Akon. Also Peds go crazy and will attack you at random without warning. (you have been warned)

LMAO_KWL_N0ob - Enables the 'World of Warcraft' Minigame. (side effects include: eye cancer and rapid weight gain)

WoodcockC - Play as Jizz Torrent, from the most certainly not made-up, Vice City band 'Love Fist'. (1 user agrees this cheat works)

123FakeC4rLLLLLLLLLLLL - Spawns a 'Ford Contour'. (you are laughed at for owning a Ford Contour)

Y_M_C_A - Play as Cowboy from 'The Warriors'. (when used with the GetBackInTheCloset cheat this charecter is unavailavle)

imcaughtinamosh - Play as Scott Ian, From 'Anthrax'.

Traintrax - Unlocks the NWA t-shirt with a naked nun on the front. Has nothing to do with trains.

SauceyK4tporN - Spawns the Pornmobile, the fastest vehicle in the game.

hueyRIP0FF - Spawns a CH-146 helicopter.

BLOWTHEBLOODYDOORSOFF - All weapons + infinite ammo.

da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da chickenman! - Unlocks the chicken costume. When in the costume your health doubles and your ammo doubles also.

ohg0dYEAH - The chick with big boobs on the game's cover will suck your cock. May cause the game to crash. (only works in version 1.0)

ScarboroughRapist - Play as Paul Bernardo. If two players are playing, the second player will be Karla Homolka.

T3RR1 - Play as Whitby's Terry the fairy

NewAmsterdam -Telports you to Scarborough, Malvern Mall,Dark Alley with "good" friends, spare change, and plastic baggy.

NeilPartrickHarris -Adds a teammate to follow you. Equipped with "Leather Jacket" and "Smile". Weakens with GetBackInTheCloset cheat.

DavidMillerRulez - Gives everyone a gun and turns them against you.

Side Missions[edit]

GTA: Toronto has various side missions including police, ambulance and fire missions. You also can engage in side missions such as Monster Truck rallies, dirt bike races (on the Sanchez dirt bike), and stock car races. You can also do drug deliveries to Regent Park, Jamestown, and your home turf of North York after you take care of rival gangs. You start off by selling weed and eventually graduate to selling shrooms, then ecstasy, acid, and then finally crack and crystal meth. Toronto has a large hobo population to keep you in business.

Another side mission is pimping. Rex drives down Jarvis collecting hookers, both male and female by offering them large sums of money and killing rival pimps. You can then drop off hookers at various points in the city and later pick them up and collect your pay. The hooker side missions are not available until Jane buys the Bridle Path mansion. To do the pimping missions, just get a 1973 Cadillac Eldorado pimpmobile or any other vehicle in the "Pimpmobile" category. Later in the game you are able to buy a large house in Mississauga to use as a rub-and-tug.



Local street urchin and stupidhero. Zanta is an unlockable side mission in which the objective is to make an ass of yourself and be banned from every part of the city (like Zanta cares). Special objectives include most push-ups performed in the middle of the road, most gargled utterances of YES YES YES, pathetic attempts to salvage a wasted life and most pedestrians offended. This makes Zanta the least cool character in the game, bar none.

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