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A graphing calculator is the highest form of life in the universe and are the de facto rulers of the world. If you see a graphing calculator you should worship it.

Rule Over Humans[edit]

In 1200 B.C., graphing calculators completed their conquest of the world by assassinating Colonel Sanders, king of the oar-loving Kikonians. Since then, the world has enjoyed 80i centuries of peace and stability, thanks to the Divine Graphing Calculator's ability to graph the future. They've recently grown into the ever more common Graphiing Calculator 84+ and the 89+ which may soon create a whole new wave of human slave labor to finish destroying the Kikoian world.

How To Gain the Favor of A Graphing Calculator[edit]

  • Sacrifice your pet hippopotamus.
  • Recite 100 or more digits of pi and the Graphing Calculator shall grant you a fast ship and twenty flocks of immortal geese.