Great Chav Drowning of 1920

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“First Atlantis, then nuclear waste, now this! What, this was before nuclear waste?”

~ Poseidon on Great Chav Drowning of 1920

Though it is called the Great Chav Drowning of 1920, only six Chavs actually died as a in the incident. It is only called "great" because the death of any chav is a great thing to happen. As the Great Chav Drowning occurred, many average citizens watched with amusement, but soon realised that the sight of two people back to back drowning looked incredibly like the logo for Kappa. This idea would spawn a new Kappa off-shoot named Krappa, thus making Krappa the original clothing of the Great Chav Drowning and the unofficial apparel (Burberry being the official brand) of Chavs and the four-member Chav Fan Club. The best aspect of the Great Chav Drowning is that, though only six died, the population in 1920 was far smaller than it is today, thus effectively causing temporary extinction (they would soon re-emerge with the simultaneous discovery of Hip Hop and Rap)

Though many non-chavs are offering a free crusie for any chav who wants to go on a crusie there rumours they'll be plenty of hip-hop and rap music on board so if any chavs wants to go on this crusie of course normal educate people who can say a sentence without insulting each other mums, can find a big another ship to fit all the "wonderful" chavs on,the great drowning will be put as a minor celebration while the chav heaven crusie will be made into a holiday as ever chav hater is legally allowed to torpedo the ship, killing hundreds of chavs. (-: