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The Great Council of Disneyland is the current ruling body of the Disneyland government. This was the first government of Disneyland to be democratically elected in 14 years.

The Great Council was established on 3rd June 1970 after pressure to restore democracy to Disneyland finally forced the then-ruling military junta led by Admiral Donald Duck to dismantle the military regime. In 1956, Admiral Donald Duck had served alongside Mickey Mouse in a successful coup that overthrew the democratically elected president Oswald Rabbit. Mickey Mouse became a dictator dubbing himself as Mickey Mouse the Great.

Upon the death of Mouse on 20th April 1970, Disneyland fell into confusion and chaos. It was during this time that staunch Mouse supporters and fanatics took control with Admiral Donald Duck as the new leader. Duck's tolerance with the rival criminal gangs that had vied for control was 0. He imposed martial law in order to restrain the chaos and bring calm and order. However it had the opposite effect, it bought further unrest and fear.

On 23rd May, soldiers were ordered to crackdown on the emerging street protests of students. However more and more soldiers joined the protests in favor of democracy. The military junta that had taken control were finally forced to admit that democracy was inevitable, especially with Mickey Mouse, Jr., the son of the former dictator joined the protests.

The student leaders and the ruling military held a five day negotiation period which ended with Admiral Donald Duck announcing the end of military rule and his resignation on 31st May.

On the 3rd of June in 1970, after 14 years of brutal dictatorship under Mouse and the subsequent chaos, Disneyland finally regained democracy and promptly established the Department of Homeland Security to insure the domestic tranquility against miscegenation. Granted legal autonomy with the signing of Movie Rights To The New Constitution, The Great Council of Disneyland was soon organized to advise the Chief Westerners to Ye Olde Pope Cyclops of General Electric, who continues to rule Disneyland to this day. Daisy Duck, the wife of Admiral Donald Duck is a current member of the ruling council after winning election after election.