Great Gamer War of 2002

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The Great Gamer War of 2002[edit]

The Great Gamer War of 2002== was perhaps one of the most disastrous Gamer Wars in history.The war was cause by diffent groups inside the gamers.Many point fingers at Microsoft as they killed the leaders of the "Black Pie group" which caused many gamers to fight aganist Mircosoft.34 percent of the gamer world was destroyed in the 2 years of the war.Only 5 percent of which has been reprogramed.Mircosoft thought the war would be easy but the gamers organized in a group called "Teh Supers".The Teh Supers army was based on Mongolian army.

The sides and list of various Genersal[edit]

Teh Supers and allys

  • Teh Supers
  • Nintendo
  • Sony
  • Gamer Canda
  • Gamer Japan
  • Heaven Games
  • The remains of the black pies

Mircosoft and allys

  • Mircosoft(Duh it says Mircosoft and allys)
  • Gamer Amercia
  • Gamer UK
  • Oprah and here minions
  • Runescape
  • Various Evil Cash regesters(Only in the last 3 days of the war)

Generals on Teh Supers side

  • The Sidy
  • Mario
  • Sony Bot
  • Sony Bot Version 6.09
  • Doitzel

Generals on Mircosofts side

  • Bill Gates
  • Bush
  • A talking British flag
  • Oprah
  • Sephiroth456,The best Runescape player ever.
  • Adder

Opening moves[edit]

Mrcosoft soon found themselfs being gained up on so they decided to get various evil empires and there minions to help them in return for taco makers.Amercia,Briton,Oprah,and Jagex,creator of Runescape.The first moves where done by Amercia who invaded Gamer Canada.For the first 2 weeks of the campain.The head of the invasion was Oprah who wanted Candians to do her dirty work and tax them so she could have more money.Bush was also a important figure in the campian becasue he shelided soilders with his organs.However at the battle of A random Candian factory Genaral Mario lead an army of creppy nintendo peoples to victory over the US marines.Teh Supers then attack the slave country of Mexico that supplied Mircosfot with cheep labor.At the battle of Mexico city 6 mounths into the war Oprah was killed.With the loss of Oprah Mircosoft sent one of there best Genarals,Doitzel to re-take Mexico.Doitzel won easily aganist Genaral Sonybot and cheep labor returned.9 mounths into the war ethier side had gained any land if anything both sides lost land because it was destroyed.

Middle game[edit]

With no cheap labor Bill Gates decided that he would use Oprahs many servents(who still thought she was an un-dead being on this Earth)to fill the gap.To make things worse RTS obessed Koreans invaded RuneScape where a civil war between Goblins and Magic people was happening.Adder lead an attack force of 1,000 RuneScape obessed players aganist Mario but lost due to the lack of computers to feed his army in the area.Mario however was killed by a stray toad bomb but came back to life as the plot could not countie without him.

Late Game[edit]

As mircosoft lost to Sonys advanceing forces and there supior power of the DVD and obessed Koreans only them and the UK where left.The UK decided to sit back on there island.Thus Mircosoft gave up as the evil cash regesters alone could not win the day.