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The World Begins[edit]

I meant to give the world a chance to view what could be if only we worked together, but then what fun would then be? instead, I mean to share a great vision of mine had not but a fortnight ago. There were birds and b's, and rocks and things, but as each expanded I lost sight of my goal. The craftily inflating vows of two clashed under a star-struck ridge without as much as a simple hail of mercy. Then it dawned upon me, for at long last I knew the direction of diverging winds.

And such chaos overwhelmed the sad and minuscule, for the mere movement of the push-aside people was haulted by grand hands which further mangled the blistering disorientation. Fields of straw disrupted the pristine landscape, as the migratory creatures were forced from native origins. The transplantion continued without halt until the Pope of the One True Church failed to resist the flow.

With that, the last strands of patience broke and frayed. It was time for action, for the overcrowded universal ether that gave all life its flavor grew tainted and stale with the overpresent healing tumour that was the disjointed sex rampant in the skies. People were unforgivingly condemned, as an unyielding force trampled the pasta-like earth upon which all relied. Sadie, a carnivorous toenail that ruled this disaster, waited far to long to act properly. The Council of Nicea was held, and they unanimously voted to oust Sadie for her darned lack of competence.

That dastardly sinister Mythologer Eleanor, the very same who turned the world topsy-turvy in its ambiotic edge. Depicted here with her closest advisors.


It didn't take long for the Mythologer Eleanor, also known as Sadie, to obtain pluperfect knowledge of the stalking kaleidoscopic shadows of fate closing in. She pictured before her that very silver camera which had given her existence rise, and lo! it was there. Through the river of adrenaline in her flight tracked the Marmalade King, whose sole sound was that of lying gin. With each ingested cryptogram, the Sadie's true identity revealed itself: she was not just the motor-car Mythologer Eleanor, but the profusely gleaming Carmen Sandiego who had long evaded her fateful time.

Carmen was caught doublequick, and with the downing of each leg another plethora of nails sealed the plastic globe which should have forever bound her. The world, however, did not relax, and with rabid explosions of marches beating to hard-knocked mery rains ruptured the fragile order restored, and Carmen smiled. Crying, she sat herself in a evil long rut within her confinment, improving until the largest pornographic walrus burst through a soupy sky to trample the Earth. Climbing to escape him proved futile for the policepeople and unarmed militants below. Their lost was the last straw.


the portal's construction's start

The finest materials were imported to begin a framework for the new world away from Carmen. From the start, a design so slender that from the side it vanished was requisite if Carmen were to be excluded; although she could observe animals and ground features from any angle she chose, a curse placed on her by the porcupine of insolence had reduced to ability to inspect objects and features from either the left or right side (she simply could not view them from neither front nor back).

As further work was completed, many noticed that the gateway had begun to act strangely. In the world of inconglomerous roadage, its subtly serene surface reflected back badthink in great rays of sterile sushiny hues. Love was neutralized by these, so unemotional workers tetered towards towering posts daily, like cold ice cubes sliding over dry desert sands. The grains they picked up adhered to the framework, and in the eminating rays of badthink sunshine baked. For many days, years, eons, it baked to a fine and smooth reflection of the shaped inversion that stolidly shivered about it.

Leaving the World[edit]

the world
the world caved in

And so the exodus began, as the helter-skelter hatred banked upon so many tears of building an order to recounts of the painful and monotonous counters and blisters of mango. Such not much more after would present a problem, for the broken rules waited until the world caved in on itself. At that moment, there was nothing, for its coming was not yet, and therefore many felt sad. One would enter one side of the gateway, and come out the other, without being any more protected from the wicked Carmen. Only while inside of the portal did its protection take control. With the sun in their eyes, dawn broke upon the Neanderthals as no breakfast had ever done so before, and with high flowers floating by stagnant newspapers, the epipheny to end every other epiphany guided the builders to the incantatious origins of the truth of shielding. With that, they mastered the portal by recording symbolic fluids more like time than time itself. Arising on the other side, they uncovered the glory that was a world which Carmen could not enter.


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Sorrowfully sodden marshmallows attracted unwarranted attention

Sorrowful Marshmallows[edit]

terrifyingly appropriate retalliation adding attrician

Soon, racoons incessantly annoyed all. Allowing precussive whinning, door passengers ineffectively defenestraated battered racoons. Calling little dazzlements, racoons retalliated, recruitting ruthless rottweilers. Appropriate matters followed, terrifyingly effectively adding attritian. Mishappen passifists suffered. Massive tottering cheesy marshmallows fell, efficiently anihillating racoons. Controlling cattle peacfully assured timeless accommodating agreements.


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Unwarranted Mispatterened Millenia[edit]

Percussion Millitants

Bloody percussionist millitants aggressively ressited, terrifying passifists. Worried politically-unchallenged challenged, seeing support-getting opportunities. Torrentions bill passing followed, banning percussion eternally. Quietness swallowed mispatterened mellodies, indeed effectively maddening. Efficient eggmen allowed bills passed permitting little percussionists, excluuding massive percussionists. Dragging feet, all eventually followed, supporting. Painfully battered percussionists reappeared, thudding across bunny warrens. Attracted, cheerleaders followed. Eternally torrenteous ball-rain disappeared, alleviateing all. Trees indeed accumulated wood. Hills rolled onceegain. Eternally, warring's timeless pass-over's beginning settled. *Poof!* Agressivly alliterating allegationless hallucination overran happily.