Green Party of Canada

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Les Freaks

The official logo of the Green Party.

Motto: "Holy are we pwning NDP?"
Nicknames: The Greenies, Les Verts.
Leader: Not the guy.
Founder: Supporters and David Kawasaki
Political Beliefs: Mandatory ablutions
Founded: July 12th, 1000 A.C.
Number of Seats in House: 0.0000001
Number of Seats in Senate: Only over-paid old men here.

“There is an eighty-eighth choice.”

~ Elizabeth May on Green Party of Canada

“Card board toilet paper, living in the woods, throwing compost at the Prime Minister, and the colour green, all the things I like!”

~ Oscar Wilde on Green Party of Canada

The Green Party of Canada is ...well, you don't want to know. The truth is, they have no seats for them to sit on in the House of Commons. Even the leader is outside of the House. They are a political party made up of former New Whinocrats and possibly former Kim Campbell and Cabinet Minister Garth Turner who believe in legalizing Jamaicans...for environmental reasons that is..or not. There is no real information on them...except that they are a Green jamaican party and will never be elected to the Senate!!!

Their leader, Elizabeth May, was deeply hartbroken after Garth Brooks refused to join the Goonies.

Political Beliefs[edit]

The Greenies are an extreme some wing environmentalistic party and have the following political beliefs:

  • We, The Greenies, will rule Canada!!!
  • Being uncomfortable with massive planets.
  • Using recycled cardboard toilet paper. Unlike regular toilet paper, which doesn't contain any recycled content.
  • Legalizing Jamaicans and saving the environment at any cost.
  • Throw balls of compost and homemade manure at John Baird, Former Environment Minister Rona Ambrose and Stephen Harper until their demands are met.
  • Having both Conservatives and Capitalists unite in the same party, we know how that's going to turn out.
  • If Stephen and Layton are using the urinals, they must stand beside one another. For... trust.
  • Eh?

Leaders of the Green Party[edit]

Below is a list of the past and present leaders of the Green Party of Canada:

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