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Guild Operatives serve The Guild and are also known as Strangers and should be avoided at all costs. There is no known picture of a Guild Operative because of their strange nature. When your mom says "Don't talk to Strangers", she's talking about these guys. Dressed in awesome black-and-red uniforms, these people are ones to be rightfully feared. Guild Operatives have no known face or identity, thus why they are deemed the status of being a Stranger. And no, Strangers are not Rangers, they are another type of operative all together.

Standard Issue[edit]

Every Stranger looks exactly the same, speaks with exactly the same voice, and have no known face, making them tough to distinguish between. It is widely believed that Strangers are not human at all and are robots. This has yet to have any proof. Strangers are standard issue to every super villain as henchmen until that villain can find their own.


Like any army, Strangers carry a wide array of weapons. Mostly meant for destruction, these little baddies pack quite the punch.


The Guild Operatives wear a special material that enables them to be invincible against bullets and knives, thus they cannot be killed with

But Guild Operatives can be killed with and by


  • W.A.S.P.: In The Guild, W.A.S.P. is short for Winged Aeronotical Stinging Pointy-thing. The WASPs look like helicopters and even sound like them but they aren't. In the Great Battle, these vehicles were used and they failed miserably when their engines became clogged with henchmen.
  • T.A.N.K.: In The Guild, T.A.N.K. is short for Tactical Armored Narcotics Kraft. These TANKs are used to transport drugs under the name of the U.N. and have successfully done so for decades. These vehicles even look and sound like regular tanks.
  • S.U.B.S.: In The Guild, S.U.B.S. is short for Submersing Underwater By Sinking. These SUBS appear like submarines. Unfortunately, the S.U.B.S. aren't so water proof and thus sink to the bottom of the ocean, never to be seen or heard from again.

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The Guild of Calamitous Intent Main Members
Sovereign: Supreme Commander Second in Command: Phantom Limb
Dr. Girlfriend: The Sluttiest of them All! Baron of his Own Kingdom: Baron √únderbheit
The Monarch: Strange skinny man Underlings: Watch and Ward
The Guild of Calamitous Intent Minor Members
Torrid: Burner of things Underlings: Guild Operative
Iggy Pop: The rocker! The weird guy: The One Most Corrupted