Gyurcsány Ferenc

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Lord of Hungary[edit]

Franz Gyurcsany is the lord of Hungary since 2004. Last time he battled against Mr. Orbán, but after he ate an orange pie, he became unbeatable. And during his campaign he represented a dance lesson. To tell the truth nowadays, noone saw him, some people says that he is the Hook Man of Iowa, and he has been killed in the 7th episode of Supernatural, other people says that he became an eye, like Sauron and he is watching us.


His favourite:

  • song: Jump (for my love) by Girls Aloud
  • movie: Dirty Dancing
  • actor: Hugh Grant
  • actress: Hugh Grant
  • hobby: dancing, lying about the state of the country
  • car: space shuttle
  • food: money?
  • drink: money?
  • book: How to save money? (President edition)
  • quote: Kedves barátaim! (My dear friends!) by himself

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