HMS Bounceout

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This mighty 32 foot boat was one of the strongest and most feared vessels in the British Navy.

What a time for a Bounceout

Weighing in at a staggering 2000 tonnes many didn’t believe this mighty vessel would survive its launch from Portsmouth on September 30, 1890. To the surprise of all who lined the dockside, hoping to see a great waste of tax payers money never seen on such a scale since the millennium cone of 1799, this mighty behemoth remained afloat.

This incredible ship amazed its inventors when it lived up to its name. To move through the water it bounces the ship literally jumps up along and back into the water.

On its long illustrious career as the flagship of the British Navy, the Bounceout turned the tide of many a battle. Her amazing bouncing technique allowed the ship to easily dodge enemy shots and its trained gunner (used to the movement) were able to kill any "bogeys" passing by.

Bringing to bear its powerful array of modern war armament the Bounceout was always a force to be reckoned with. Sadly due to poor construction techniques of the time the Bounceout suffered greatly from severe corrosion and was sunk in 1930 after a small pellet of seagull mess critically punctured a rusty part of the deck, and continued down through the hull. It sank in four and a half minutes, and all the crew were lost. This was unfortunately because the bounce out could not bounce out of the water and stay out of the water long enough for it to drain it was a great ship R.I.P to the ship that bounced us to victory and 3/4 of the way back home.