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look at me im so pretty haha ur dead

hi my name is kiki the dead person. i am 4 years old. my mommy used to feed me antifreeze every morning in my cereal. my daddy eyeraped me every night. i died when my grandma threw me into a well. my soul still lives on. and now i am in ur computur. i have no faic. i have no skin. i will kill u tonight. wen u see me at 11:11PM tonight (est) i come into ur room without knockin first and then i eat ur soul and then i kill it. then if u look me in the faic u die. hahahaha. ;) repost this message on 8 unnews articles and i wont kill u.

also if ur sayin "omg this is the same dead bitch who tried to get me on youtube and myspace!" then two things first of all don't call me bitch or ill kill you even if you DO repost this second no it isnt this is different.

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