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HYBRID claims to be a roleplaying game. Some have compared it to Time Cube, while others have suggested that it is actually the result of a game of Nomic. Many people claim that it is not an actual, playable RPG.

As a representative sample, consider the following rule from the game:

RULE # 371: North Korea is consumed by Negative Energy in the form of paranoia (due to USA foreign policy & its soldiers) leading to self inflicted violence on its own nation referring to its own citizens of N.K., but lot like some horror (Japanese) cartoon Manga film/movie, sort of like Bush I & Bush II projecting Negative Energy, hoping to collect Negative Energy from Iraqi oil & land. But, in a weird way, one can rationalize North Korea, but it would be scary to, for to understand North Korea is to understand humans, especially ability to be corrupted, which is similar to asking for a college education, since it’s not free, for employment which is form of bribe to receive employment as it’s a nice way of asking for a bribe, considering one can apply a 5 minute IQ test {using his or her COM, assuming his COM = his DP, {but note that when LS or Life Span is less than DP or Default Psyche, then PL or Power Level (either or both COM or/and INT or/and EGO, latter two which are normally measured @ C1 such as in HERO rpg but here it’s @ C2, where C2 = C1^LOG10(C1)) = C2 PL is greater than his DP, which in Aberrant rpg can be sometimes @ C2 or/and other times @ C1, and why those that play Aberrant sometimes give wrong total points to characters, due to wrong allocation of units}, where having a COM of 2 = IQ potential of/for 2 years of college, while a COM of 12 = IQ potential of/for 12 years of college, and having only a 1 COM = IQ potential of/for 1 year of college} & completely free using the RULE # 369 & there are couple of (2) others similar rules somewhere in my rpg < where one can get a college education [in theory] in just 5 minutes for free: annual salary in USA = [COM*(C3 PL of a country = 12,345 for USA)], > rather than having to spend years & $10,000 to $100,000 or more on a college education, especially when students are doing the bulk of the work, while most of the lazy professors just copy notes from books for their lectures that anyone could do themselves anyway. There are many different forms of Negative Energy: the way US citizens treated the Native American Indians up until the end of the 19th century, pretty much the same as North Korea.

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  • HYBRID, hosted by Philippe Tromeur.

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