HZ Corp. Games

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HZ Corp. Games
HZ Corps Games.jpg
Slogan "The Corporate Game Made By Everyone For Everyone"
Established 2020
Type(s) Video Gaming Corporation
Founder(s) Jorge Valle, and Andres Aceituno
Location(s) Mexico City, Neo Mexico, United Nations of Earth
Industry Video Gaming, PC Gaming, Video Gaming Consoles, and Console Inventing.
Employees 6 million plus 3.5 Serbians
Produces BLICK Video Game, BestStation X, and HZ Corp's GTA
Revenue 78.999 Billion Dollars.
Parent HZ Corps..

HZ Corps. Games is the Video Game developing division made by HZ Corps., the ruling corporation that defeated the Jedi Council in a trial to establish their advanced technology company in Coruscant, Tatooine, Mars, and Earth. They made this shitty division company for getting more money because everyone loves video games. It can rule the world of everyone's mind and addiction to drugs. they made 100 games in the history of video gaming. It's been making games since JFK was president and ended after 3000 came and kills bugs and the world. It's a major subdivision of every HZ Corps. video game branches ever.


The founder of HZ Corp. Games is Jorge Valle and he was a fuck machine fan of games. He made sex games and made prostitution/pimp game to impress gang members and criminals. His game company's goal was to impress gangs, chica bonitas, and to get Puerto Ricans with good gaming, crack addicting, and shit things. He makes many spin-offs of games and crossover games by making any hitman into a GTA game and a GTA guy into Tofuman. Using many characters from different shows, will crossover many life in the universe.

Early years[edit]

When HZ Industries decide to expand their corporation to mega, they had an idea and it's the kids and teens. HZ Corp. Games invented a few video games that involve virtual sex and shooting. HZ Corp. wants to develop better hustle games and plays very dirty. Then, when Rockstar Games were at bankruptcy, they need a company to make alliances. HZ Corps. Games has a chance to go with Rockstar Games chairmen and developers. Disney Company wasn't fast enough to buy the Rockstar Games.

The Rise of HZ Games[edit]

They wanted to make games go to the next generation and they invent a new virtual video game system and it's called: Best GameStation Virtual. HZ Games' best idea ever. It killed the PS3, The Wii, and Xbox 360 off the market. The popularity of this game console lasted 17 years and HZ Corps. earned so much money, it sparked another inspiration with this console. The new console was the BGSV2 with more virtual gaming and exercising.


HZ Corp Game branch has 4.5 billion dollars in technology, products, and on staff. HZ Corps. video gaming has expanded since the Playstation game console series has ended, making porn art, music, and videos skyrocket the Wall Street stocks. It not only ended Xbox gaming, but helped the world economy by 56%. Bobby Lee says "UH OH Hot Dog" an "Tannnnkkk!".


The HZ Corps. Games Branch planned to develop an HZ Best GameStation Virtual Live. Newgrounds Games Corp. decides to end the bankruptcy by merging with HZ Corps. Games. It's a king of pop motherlicking awesome and kicks ass. It still became HZ Corps. Games losers. HZ Federation's foundation helped expand the videogaming in the galaxy. Disney Corporation goes through bankruptcy and HZ Corps. decide to buy in exchange for a long alliance and supporting the new corporation.

List of Games[edit]

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