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Recent CCTV footage of Hamsterdam

“My hamsters bring all the boys to the yard and damn right they're better than yours, I can show you, but I have to charge..”

~ Darth Hitler on Hamsterdam

“de dah dee dah dah dah doh, doh”

~ hamster on Hamsterdam

“The gods will not save you”

~ Burrell on Hamsterdam

Hamsterdam was created in 1942 by Darth Hitler in order to block water supplies leading to allied swimming pools, rendering the allies incapable of having an afternoon swim and thus lowering morale. The Hamsterdam consists of 74% hamster, 7% weasel, 10% vole and the final 10% is made of beans and cheese in equal portions. The ever growing population of rodents and household rodent pets was on the increase in the 1940's and so, to quell the problem Darth Hitler constructed the world's first Hamsterdam. Unfortunately this wasn't a very big success and so they did all they could to cover up any evidence of there ever being a Hamsterdam to save them from embarrassment. This was also a failure as this article has proven, as it was recently unearthed that these facts were true by the Archeological Society of Southampton. Further sources include the Institute of Forward Thinking and the Insititute of Backward Thinking, unfortunately these two sources cancelled each other out and thus, they never appeared in the real credentials.

Did you know?[edit]

  • Hamsterdam is nowhere near Amsterdam, however both are made out of hamster shit. But French do not recognize any difference.
  • A hamsters' revolt in 1983 unearthed evidence of Hamsterdam's existence.
  • Hamsters have been the building blocks of major buildings and residential houses since the '90s.
  • A hamster once bit my finger.
  • Nine out of Ten hamsters used in the damn are direct descendents of the first hamster in space.
  • Minsc's miniature giant space hamster Boo of Baldur's Gate fame is actually a native of Hamsterdam.
  • It is illegal to sell or possess duct tape in Hamsterdam.