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Chapter 1 The beggining[edit]

In the beggining Goff created Hartridge on the first day He created Upper. On the second day He created Middle. On the third day He created Lower, and, on the forth day he thought fuck it. After a few days of resting Goff used his almighty powers to create 2 pupils for the skool to start known as Alex and Tom ...Tom came first and was kind of a screw up because of Goffs first attempt of creating life Alex however was a very rebelious pupil and was banished from goffs heaven or office in lower Alex grew wiv h8 swearing that 1 day he will take revenge on Goff and make this skool his own thus calling the event Aliforniacation.Years went on and Alex gathered a small army of rebelions known as Leigh Kyle William Gareth Ahmed Setven Dennis and Nathan to destroy Goff and make Hartridge his own Goff felt threatand by this and watching as Alexs army grew for 5 years he sent down Tom, Goffs first creation to jeperdise and annoy the rebellion. As time went forth Hartridge itself began to fall the rebeliion was being annoyed by Tom and a huge population of chavs ruled the skool. chavs are both enemys of Alex and Goff after a year of fighting the rebellions lead by Alex managed to get rid of Tom but there where many losses Dennis Steven Gareth Nathan and Ahmed have all been lost Tom has not been destroyed completely but decides to drift a good distance apart from wats left of the rebellion as time goes on more chavs begin to appear in Hartridge soon the rebellion will be done and Alifornication will rule!!

Chapter 2 formation of the rebellion[edit]

The rebellion was formed against Goff by Alex about a year after Alex was banished from the heavans he was lucky enough to search Hartridge and find a small organisation of rebels who had been created later after Alex and Tom.Alex told them of his story and being the first creation of Goff and the rebels agreed to help Alex to take over the skool after planning there way to Goff one of the rebels by the name of Leigh suggested that we travel to upper to retrieve a very skilled warrior by the name of Dennis, Alex agreed, and the quest began to hunt down the ledgendary Dennis.Dennis was the wielder of the blade known as cockscalibur in rough translations the blade measured 17 inches long and was sed to be the only blade that could reach the heavans to attack Goff.After a long journey of searching the corridors they eventually found Dennis who agreed to join the rebellion and hense forth it was complete.Goff witnessed the events of the formation of the rebellion even though it was not much threat to him at the time he sent down a evil minion to make Alex believe he was a faliure in everything,its name was Miss Pearce or as the rebellion call her The Ginger History Teacher ,her hair as ginger as the fires of hell she and the rebellion fought for 2 long years how powers did began to weakan Alex but in the end victory was to the rebellion and she was sent back to the merky deps of hell or isolation as it is better known.After witnessing the devloped strength of the rebellion Goff sent 1 of his angels down know as Gary he was sent as a peace offering but the rebellions fought and drove Gary to insanity and back to the heavans.(Please note this happened during the 5 years Alex spent outside the heavans befor Goff sent Tom to destroy the rebellion)

Chapter 3 The people of the rebellion[edit]

There are 9 members of the Hartridge rebellion against Goff First is Alex his story is told above so we shall skip him next is the almighty warrior known as Dennis his anger against Goff was because Goff wouldnt allow Dennis to stick his dick in his eye,he is the wielder of the mighty cockscalibur which was passed down from the very beginning of his family he inherited it from his mother.Next comes Leigh a very talented artisit and musician and is easily the brains of the rebellion since not many of them have brains thats why Leigh is there he rebels against Goff was because of his confidence in his friends to rule the skool.Next comes Kyle he is very egotistic and likes to stay around his friends alot he is slightly creative and wields a extremly small gun as his weapon but he is a strong fighter he rebels against Goff because of his allowment of chavs into the skool.William would easily be the humorous one of the rebellion always keeping them happy even in the midst of war the reason for his rebellion is because Goth would not grant him his wish of a Aston Martin.Steven A very strong member of the rebellion though sometimes they question his sexuality due to nipple grabbing his main techinique is called the braver which he likes to hit William with. Nathan a very destructive member of the rebllion he is a very dangerous member probably the most dangerous wouldn't like to meet him in a dark alley.Gareth the ladies man but very strong the best companion of Leighs he shares many attributes similar to that of Leighs. Ahmed a master of explosives and very useful agasint chavs in a tight spot always good to fight with if during mosh pits and that the whol rebellion!!

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