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A tipical religious meeting of Häul followers

Hauling is the spanish word for Macarena. So, in places where people speak spanish (like Namibia, or any rich people's garden) instead of saying "Let's dance The Macarena, baby!!" they say Let's bailar The Hauling, nena!!! and everybody's partying and drinking like idiots.
The term was taken from the dancer's "Haul haul haul!" screams.
It's a common belief that "Haul" or "Häul" is the latino god of Tango, an ancient and secret way of preparing people for College and for a painful life.
He's tall, thin, charming and with a little accent. Anyway, don't let your children play near him, because he has pedophilic tendencies.

One of the not so many pics of Häul. That's MANA raining.