Heat stroke

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Heat stroke. A stoke that occurs when you're hot. No, not like sexy hot, but temperature wise hot. The effects of this stroke include becoming comatose, sucky, and generally unconcious. Old people have heat strokes often. This is because the older you are, the more prone you are to the evil heat stroke demons that live in the sun.

Heat Demons[edit]

You may have noticed the mention heat demons. Well as a little known fact, instead of producing rays, as some scientists may have you believe, the little things pelting you when you walk into the sun are actually heat demons. The attach on to you and promptly attempt to invade your brain, causing a heat stroke. When and if they get inside your brain, they begin melting selective parts of it, making you look sad, and probably dead.

The only way to prevent heat demons from not invading your brain is to not be old. Old people smell and attract heat demons more.

The Early Signs[edit]

Somebody who is about to under go heat stroke will generally shout "STROKE!" and then hit the floor, heat striken.