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Hellogoodbye 2004 Promo.jpg
Biographical information

Huntington Beach, California

Physical description

Indie, Power pop, Rock




1.7 metres

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Eye color

existence not yet confirmed

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Drive-Thru Records


Hellogoodbye is a band from a bumhole formed in 1828. The lead singer is the Amazon Rainforest. Jesse Ventura plays the kazoo. Dorkus usually just stands there, but at times he plays the thump thump bass. Kris spends the entire recording/playing process trying to convince the other members that she is actually a guy. The band members are not fooled, however, for she has nice "drums."

The Music[edit]

It all started on one magical day, Walt Disney's frozen head appeared to Hellogoodbye during one of their many meth highs. Here, Disney gave the band the power of rainbows and unicorns and a secret potion called BAMF. The next day, the band, still stoned as all hell produced the Hellogoodbye EP, which was basically a bunch of synths and flirting for about 30 minutes. From that point foward Hellogoodbye has tickled/raped the minds of promiscuous young adults, meth addicts and high school couples who claim to be in love. The music is also adored by those who like to dance but aren't douchebags.

The Songs[edit]

Here is a list of Hellogoodbye's top songs. Like much music in the dance genre a lot of there songs are about fucking and porn.

  • Shimmy Shimmy oooo Boobies!!!
  • Dear Jamie... Handjob Now!!!!
  • I Bought Him Nothing...Got Gay Sex Anyway
  • 4 Weeks in Her Pants
  • Baby, It's Cock
  • All Of Your Cum
  • Bonnie Taylor GetDown
  • Homerimjobber
  • Stuck to You With Semen
  • Figures A and B (Means I Want a Rusty Trombone... NOW BITCH!!!)
  • Oh, It Is Rape
  • Here (In Your Twat)
  • Touchdown Reach-Around
  • I Got AIDS From Your Keyboard

The Demise[edit]

After 7 months of touring on The Warped Tour, a mother that was forced into going to the event noticed that Hellogoodbye didn't actually play any music. She took this public. Many people wrote letters to this woman that stated: "Who's Hellogoodbye and when will my dinner be ready?" After the lead singer heard about the letters, he promptly left the band. As the Amazon Rainforest, he wanted nothing to do with these evil pieces of paper. Shortly thereafter, the rest of the members ran away to Canada. Except Kris. She moved to Sacramento, California, and was mistake for a man on multiple occasions. Somewhere out there, though, there is a tooth fairy. She still believes.

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