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Looks like there are many subs or substubs on the list of short articles which aren't really Uncyclopedia-worthy individually (on the "if it looks like it took 10 minutes to create..." basis) but aren't quite empty enough to be QuickVFD fodder. Some of these are one-liner dictdef entries and may be suited for moving to Uncyclopedia:Undictionary, something which will need to be determined one substub at a time.

A List of articles nominated to be converted to Undictonary may be found at Category:Move to Undictionary

Procedure to move these:

  • Remove any {{MTU}} tag.
  • Remove any internal categories/tags, section headers or templates
  • Move (cut & paste or subst::) the article text (Not the article itself) into the appropriate page Undictionary:A-Z (* for numbers, symbols, accents) as a new article section
  • Replace the old article text with "Moved to Undictionary." and list the article's name on QVFD so it can be deleted. Do not create a redirect.