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Henry Mocks Oprah

The First Earl of the Fark cult.

Henry was appointed Earl of Fark in 2004 for his drinking ways. He has been captured by the forces of Oprah on numerous occations but has always been released. "The Kids In The Hall" have been charged with finding and killing Henry. So far this has distracted them from their main misson to which the Clinja's have effectivly taken over.

Henry was born Eli Henry Ryan Warren Black-Smith in 1960. He became homeless at the age of 7 and quickly developed a taste for alcohol. He met Fark cult founder Drew Curtis in 2001 while in a Kentucky drunk tank. The two quickly developed a friendship based largely on getting shitfaced together, and the pairs love of postmodernist interpretations of Nōh plays.

Henry's current whereabouts are currently known. Believed to have used Livejournal, as well as once eaten at McDonalds.