HiMCM 2006

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The HiMCM 2006 is hateful, and we all want it to die. A common reaction to starting the problem, especially the "seemingly easier" problem 2, is the following:

You are all really dumb people, and you should all go die. I hate you all, and I figured out how you should all die. You are going to be rocketed off with a parachute that WON’T OPEN!!!! You are going to die as you fall towards an island made of sand. How would this form? An island of sand? And why would you want to get all the sand off of this island in the first place?!?!?!?! There would be no more ground! Try building a hotel on no ground. Really, try. Really.

Okay, now back to your DEMISE. So you’re falling towards a sand island, and your parachute won’t work, so you’re already SCREWED!

But wait, there’s more! All of a sudden, these random boats fire water at you, so now you’re DROWNING in mid-air. Yeah, you suck. A LOT. And you hit the ocean, drown again, and then, just for kicks, you get killed AGAIN, in any way that is VERY painful.

Did I mention I hate you?


Hatey McHatehate.