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this is the hipo as they used to be before the existance of cameras and pencils

These animals were once rulers of a distant planet called Hipotensus but since they came to Earth they have become strangely obsolete. they some how stay alive by living off dead human cacasses. some times when these huge beasts are alone they will stand up on two legs and hold quiet civilised conversations about their day. no one has ever seen this except for me so dont try and prove me wrong.

the hipos history[edit]

when their home planet (see above for name) was destroyed the hipopotimus race were prepared for this disaster. This highly developed species sent two of their kind to our planet (see above for name if you dont know already you dumbass). They had made one minor mistake ,however, in the choise of enhabitants for our tiny world.... they had sent a brother and sister. Now if you dont know what happens when a brother and sister skrew and conseve children (witch they constantly did) then I strongly recomend that you do not try it at home however hot your brother/sister is (or how depraved you are). After the long and very eventful trip the said hipopotimi reached earth were the mother/sister/lover soon ejected the disfigured baby into a stream were it was soon eaten by the residents of said stream (minos and goldfish). The poor hipoptimi were extremely disapointed with their first baby so they went to work again at making another one. soon the minos and goldfish of the stream were so bloated that they would actually perform an early form of what is known today as belimia so that when the hipos were done with their joy ride the fish could quicly scoop the poor pin sized beast out of the water without it haveing a chance to swim to shore. The mother and father/brother and sister/lover and lover were soon so exasperated with each other the female went off and skrewed a male crocodile and the male went off and skrewed a male yes male tiger (please if you are gay do not take any offence to this I am just trying to tell my truths to the unknowing world) the children of said skrewing turned out to be the hipopotimus we know today and alot of skrewing later and we have a herd of hipos!

interveiws on this story[edit]

"this story outright discusts me and i hope that the wrighter will please consider changing this story and also wright another because it was discustilly good and i hope that you all agree and if you dont then i will have your head rolling down a very steep hill no i wont im just kidding i love all of you and also im going to massacre the whole of a town called "never never land" i think there are nukes there and i want to know who is the president of this really random land so i can have a little tea party with them and then CHOP OFF THEIR F***ING HEAD BECAUSE THOS BASTARDS ARE HIDING NUKE FROM ME AND I WANT TO KNOW WERE AND IF THEY DONT TELL ME I WILL KILL ALL OF THE UNITED STATES OF FRIKEN AMERICA NO JUST KIDDING I LOVE THOSE GUYS BUT DONT SUPPORT THEIR WAR IN IRAQ THEY ARE OBVIOUSLY WINNING AND HAVE ALREADY WON SO WHY NOT GET OUT NOW THEYVE LIBERATED THE PLACE TO RUBLE AND I CANT BELEIVE I SAID ALL THIS IN ONE BREATH MY FACE IS TURNING BLUE BUT I DONT WANT TO STO..........."

JOE SMITH on hipos


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