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Cheat Codes were invented in 1941 when the world was at war. You see many air force pilots were complaning that they were getting shot down far to easily and that there video games were too hard to beat. The prisident of the USA had to fix these problems before riots broke out. He asked the pilots which would they rather have. Better ships to stay alive or a way to make games more fun. He only had enough funds for one and could not afford another tax increase.

The pilots voted to have video games more fun. Right away president Taco Bell sent some of the greatest minds in the world to make there a way to have more amo or more HP in games. After 8 grueling months of reasearch and hangovers DR Nick came up with a way to make games more fun. Via the cheat code or password screen. The very first cheat code was for pong. Should the ball be to hard to reach enter the code: AEIOUY in the password screen to make it so that all balls are super slomo. President Taco Bell had another idea to get more people into the army. He would make it so that the Pong game with cheats in it would only be avaible if you are in the army. All other store owned copys would not have this feature. Thirity-five thousand people joined the USA army that day.

Cheat Codes in Store Bought Games[edit]

The very first time cheat codes were used in store bought games was when video game giant nintendo's Serihioh Myomoto and President Taco Bell first met. Taco Bell asked Mymoto why he thought nintendo lost the war. He said that it was because the games were to hard. Taco Bell then convinced Mymoto to buy the cheat code secret formula off him for 0.3 yen. Now that the Japanese had cheat codes of their side they looked to perfect it.

With the release of Super Mario for the NES Nintendo came up with a code so powerful it would rule the world. The omgea code. It's code name was Redemption. On July 20th 1987 nintendo unleashed the code. It made peoples mouths druel. It was a infumous Level Select code. For the first time you could go to any level you want without having to reach it!

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