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Type Raid Boss
Genre Tank and Spank
Level ?? (Boss)
Amount of players needed: 40 - But is a world boss, but 40 is recommended
Abilities Three
Killed? Not yet, no guilds progressing yet. 99% is best attempt so far.


Hogger is a Raid-Boss in World of Warcraft (A parody on World of Whorecraft). He features one phase and is considered one of the hardest bosses in the Game. Famous persons like Chuck Norris and God fear Hogger.

Nihilum has not attempted so far to kill Hogger because they think he's by far too strong.

Hogger - Tactics

Hogger has one phase. Where he uses three really imbalanced abilities, discussions at Blizzard are resulting in Flame Wars.

Hogger - Abilities


Strong ability increasing Hoggers run speed by 1337%, this is always aimed at person being 20 yards away if he or she pulls Aggro. Usually this is the tank if pulled right. Important is during this ability that the target is healed well.


An annoying skill that kicks the player, stunning him or her for 5 seconds. Always aimed at the person that has aggro.


Hoggers mightiest ability, spams the General chat with various messages like "LFG: HOGGER!" by noobs that have the quest obtained in Noobshire. This ability is usually cast every 20 seconds. And ends up in serious lag.

“I wasl iek, playin wow, and suddely 300 mssgs popped up, my clienmt crashed, nd i cudnt log on for rlly long, omg, blizz nerf plz. ”

~ Very Skilled Player on SpamRandomChannel

This is one of the abilities Blizzard considers to nerf. We plan to put a picture of this ability on this Wiki as soon as we can get a picture of it, sadly, it fails due to the game crashing everytime we try.