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Honour and Passion (Simplified Chinese: 宝家卫国, Traditional Chinese: 寶家衛國) is a Singapore Chinese drama which was telecast on Singapore's free-to-air channel, MediaCorp TV Channel 8. This drama serial consists of 20 episodes. It made its debut on 24 July 2007 and ended its run on 20 August 2007 after the Singapore Army ran out of ideas to continue the show.

It was hyped for being sponsored by the Singapore Ministry of Defence. Osama Bin Laden once sent a video to Mediacorp, praising this show of the great performance that the actor for Qusay Bin Laden (His fictional son in the show) had put on. He had however, condemned the homosexual behaviours in the show, indicating that it is not the true spirit of Islam. The Ministry of Defence, fearing the influential power of the international terrorist, sent a reply back to Al-Qaeda, stating that they would consider producing a sequel that would clear the homosexual issue a bit, but that would however need sorcery to resurrect the dead character of Qusay Bin Laden. Talks between the Al-Qaeda and the Singapore Armed Forces are currently ongoing.

After the series finished airing, the Straits Times reported that thousands of girls and also some fanboys protested on the streets, demanding the Military to release a sequel to this awesome series. However, they clashed with a huge group of army recruits who just came back from Tekong on a late saturday afternoon, who protested to having a sequel made to this series - The recruits knew how vomit-inducing the Singapore Army is. A riot started, which carried on for a week and ended only after the Prime Minister of Singapore turned up himself to order them to keep quiet or he would put them into prison to cut grass.

Brief Synopsis (Main bulk of story is in the Character's profiles)[edit]

Singapore is in danger - A terrorist group by the name of the Reformed Al-Qaeda of Homosexual Rights have arrived to make lives hell for the brain-washed citizens. Especially the Hetereosexual Singaporeans. Intelligence have traced these terrorists to be an extreme splinter group of world-acclaimed Al-Qaeda, who was responsible for the September 11 tragedy. A mysterious terrorist, referring to himself as the true son of Osama Bin Laden, had stated his demands to the Singapore government to create a pro-homosexual society where the homosexuals will get to rule this island.

Can Wenjing, who is Singapore's only hetereosexual heroic, brave, hard-working superhero, stop these evil nonsense? However, before he can do that, he must struggle with mundane affairs like family and romance issues. Together with him in times of crisis is his father, Bao Pengju (SPOILER ALERT: He is Zordon) and his brothers (SPOILER ALERT: But one of them is the devil - A gay lover of the terrorist leader).


Main characters in the show[edit]

Bao Wenjing (Tay Pinghui) is a Commando officer in the Special Operations Force and is the source of his father Pengju's pride and joy. The TV guide states that with just a parang or sword, Wenjing is capable of taking down 30 terrorists armed with rocket launchers and sub-machine guns.

The source of Wenjing's abilities is not natural even though he may be a genius. In truth, he is genetically enhanced with the help of Zordon, who is the founder of the Power Rangers. Although Zordon did not imbue him with any Morphin' powers, he gave Wenjing all the other powers of the five power rangers. The reason why Zordon did not choose another five Power Rangers in Singapore is because he couldn't find any suitable heroic Singaporeans other than the capable Wenjing who is THE ONLY TRUE HERO in Singapore. Unlike other Singapore soldiers, Wenjing does not sleep when he is on duty, doesn't sit down to relax when he is on duty, doesn't eat or drink when he is on duty, doesn't go to toilet when he is on duty, doesn't even take a 30 second break when he is on duty, FOR TWENTY-FOUR HOURS, FIVE DAYS OF EACH WEEK.[1]

Wenjing's special abilities are as follows: Karate, Judo, Muay-Thai, Taekwondo, Kyujutsu, Karumitjutsu, Iaijutsu, Bull's Eye accuracy with firearms, Kissing his superior's ass professionally, 7 Enhanced Techniques of Wayang (Putting on an act), Super Evasion from enemy fire, Super Luck, and also the uncanny Skill of Hero Always Wins. Zordon assured Wenjing of heroic victory in the end - After all the formidable enemies of the Power Rangers, like Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa thinks that there is nothing worth invading Singapore for.

Unfortunately, being a superhero, Wenjing also has his share of weaknesses. His greatest weakness is that whenever he sees pretty girls, especially when they are naked or in bikinis, he would become tongue-tied and paralyzed on the spot, unable to move. Enemies who knew of this weakness of his would make use of it to overcome him. Wenjing's love interest happened to be a new female officer that he stumbled upon in camp: Captain Ouyang Pei Pei (Played by the desirable Felicia Chin). Fortunately for Wenjing, she doesn't walk around in a bikini, so his weakness wasn't so apparent.

Wenjing found out that his best friend, Wu Cheng Yi, is actually a homosexual. What makes it worse is that Cheng Yi's true identity is Qusay Bin Laden, son of Osama Bin Laden and his worst nemesis! In the finale, Wenjing finally caught up with Qusay Bin Laden to stop him from continuing his plans to decimate the hetereosexual population in Singapore and make it an exclusive empire of gays and lesbians. Cheng Yi planned to activate the nuclear bomb in the middle of the forest in the island of Tekong to wipe out all army recruits (Who aren't gays) so that there would be a shortage of Singapore soldiers. As Cheng Yi became a metallic cyborg that can transform into a plane, Wenjing also resorted to his secret weapon: He took out a magnificent set of Samurai armour, which his father Pengju had passed down to him. He don the armour and transformed into a Samurai Power Ranger.

A fierce battle raged between the two super-powered beings, and Wenjing the Power Ranger turned out to be the victor, albeit with a little help from his brother Wenguo who threw the grenade he bought at Cheng Yi to distract him, revealing his vulnerability: The flashing red light at his chest. Wenjing then used the M16 and live rounds that Wenguo smuggled out of camp to shoot Cheng Yi at the chest and kill him before he could press the control to destroy Tekong. The ultimate Singapore hero Wenjing saved the day once again.

Ouyang Pei Pei is supposedly a sexy, beautiful female Captain who almost caused the death of Wenjing when the terrorists resorted to Harry Potter's 101 magic tricks to create an illusion of her naked to seduce him. Coincidentally, Wenjing also had a crush on her. Although she is an Singaporean Army Officer, she had no choice but to follow the director's instructions to teach Military stuff using proper English, when 99.9% of soldiers knew that in real life she would be using Singlish or poor english to link sex with Military life.

Wenjing's continued stalking of Pei Pei eventually scared her enough, so much so that Wenjing managed to woo her successfully. However, he was soon devastated after his former friend Cheng Yi shown him top secret documents stolen from the camp regarding Ouyang Pei Pei's identity. She was revealed to be a man, cross-dressed as a woman and sent by the Singapore government to replace the death of the real Pei Pei who died during a shootout with a few lackeys of Osama Bin Laden who illegally entered Singapore. The government's logic was that women officers cannot command soldiers well, so a "male Pei Pei" was commissioned to lead the soldiers without causing media attention. This Pei Pei is actually the brother of the original Pei Pei in disguise.

The top secret documents also revealed that Pei Pei is a master of disguises and a former mercenary. "She" was paid to imitate or impersonate many important figures in this world: Saddam Hussein (Pei Pei helped the real Saddam Hussein to escape from the execution stage), Osama Bin Laden, George W. Bush, Mel Gibson, Jessica Alba, Kylie Minogue, Zoe Tay, Sir Stamford Raffles (Pei Pei time-travelled back to the old days of Singapore), Monica Lewinsky (Pei Pei was the one who gave the former U.S President Bill Clinton a blowjob), and even Singapore's Prime Minister are a few examples. The confidential files even stated that years ago Pei Pei was once taken to another planet for some shady unknown business. After all these revelations, a disgusted Wenjing broke up with Pei Pei, as he doesn't want to be as gay as Qusay Bin Laden.

Wenjing even took Pei Pei to court, suing the cross-dresser for "cheating him of his love" and "nearly causing him depression, thus delaying his efforts to save the world by defeating Qusay Bin Laden." The Chief Justice threw the case out of the court, claiming: "We cannot deal with the revelation of Singapore Army's top secret information as Singapore Justice dictates that we are under the government too, so the government is Justice itself and therefore it is impossible for you to sue the government successfully."

Wu Cheng Yi is the main antagonist of the series, and is the most gifted man in the world due to his mutant ability to be able to manipulate and develop advanced technology to his desires. Alas, gifts always comes with a curse - Cheng Yi is a gay man who is despised by many in Singapore. Because of his homosexual status, he was unable to become an Army Commado, his desired masochist choice of vocation, and instead he became an Army Clerk. His fighting ability nearly rivals that of Bao Wenjing - He is able to defeat 29 armed men with a parang or sword, just one man short of to be equally as good as Wenjing.

Despite all that, he is best friends with his Commando friend Bao Wenjing, and he also works in the same camp as Wenjing after he left Army. Half-way in the series he was revealed to be a terrorist, formerly from Osama Bin Laden's Al-Qaeda. He even kidnapped his friend Picasso when he found out about his true name and identity - Qusay Bin Laden, the son of infamous terrorist Osama Bin Laden. Osama had decided to disown Qusay Bin Laden after he realised that this son of his is a gay. Devastated, Qusay Bin Laden left Al-Qaeda and underwent surgery to look like a Chinese, and became the founder of the Reformed Al-Qaeda of Homosexual Rights in Singapore. He also formed a gay relationship with Wenjing's equally gay brother, Bao Wenzhong (played by Bryan Wong Lu Jiang), and the two shared their secrets as would a loving couple do. Qusay Bin Laden aims to create a haven for gays and lesbians in Singapore by decimating the hetereosexual population - He believes that homosexuals should dominate mankind.[2].

Qusay Bin Laden invented many devices and machines to plague and annoy the Singapore Military. After he was stopped from entering the camp with a camera phone to take pictures of guys showering, Qusay Bin Laden created a robotic dog with bionic eyes that can take photos to access camp without suspicions. The dog was remote-controlled by Qusay and can take photos at his command, and was made to take photos of top-secret documents which Officers had passed to clerks to read and print. Qusay Bin Laden also created powerful laser guns which he used to storm the Singapore Parliament, killing several politicians before he used a powerful explosive to blow up the entire building. In this way, Cheng Yi, or Qusay Bin Laden, showed that he is really determined to create an Empire for the Homosexuals.

Cheng Yi also hired a Rubbish truck and drove it into Bao Wenjing's camp. Knowing that in the SAF (Singapore Armed Forces), Rubbish trucks are the equivalent of a Military General's car, Wenguo and the RP Guards just let the truck in without asking the drivers inside to change for pass. To their surprise and shock, Ninja warriors from the Reformed Al-Qaeda of Homosexual Rights jumped out of the rubbish truck and decimated everything on sight. Cheng Yi also appeared, and went into the Headquarters to gather all the top-secret documents from the camp. After finishing his business here, Cheng Yi and the Ninja warriors left, but not before throwing some money to Wenguo and the guards as a reward for granting them such an easy access to camp.

However, that wasn't the end we hear of this dastardly gay Muslim terrorist who fights for all homosexuals. He also blew up many of Singapore's famed landmarks, including the Esplanade, the Merlion, the Singapore Bird Park, the Singapore Zoo, the Istana, and so on. Wenjing was furious after he found out that Qusay Bin Laden and Cheng Yi are the same person. But it was too late - Qusay Bin Laden held the island of Tekong hostage, where thousands of Army HETEREOSEXUAL recruits stayed there. The terrorist threatened that if the Singapore government refused to break their alliance with the United States on the War on Terrorism and also refused to legalise homosexual marriages and gay sex, he would proceed to blow up that island with Nuclear explosives.

Upon hearing that his lover Cheng Yi is actually a Muslim terrorist wearing a turban, Wenzhong committed suicide: He doesn't want to be the lover of a terrorist. Wenjing the classic Singaporean hero, also refused to let Qusay Bin Laden have his way even though he was his former friend. He and the Special Operation Forces caught up with Cheng Yi and his Ninja warriors to have a final showdown. To Wenjing's shock, Cheng Yi underwent a bizarre surgery that turned him into a Transformer-like cyborg that can transform into a plane! Wenjing was no match for the cyborg Qusay Bin Laden in his current form, so he used his ultimate secret weapon - Wenjing morphed into a Power Ranger to fight the Transformer! A fierce battle commenced, and Wenjing finally destroyed Qusay Bin Laden by shooting him in the middle of the chest, which has a flashing red light (Like Ultraman).

Because her idiot father Bao Pengju thinks that his family is like a Military Camp, Wenwei is thus raised to become like a tomboy. She is violent and nasty, and because of that no guys want to befriend her. She is however not a lesbian, therefore she is still an enemy of Qusay Bin Laden/Wu Cheng Yi. Like her big brother, the superhero Bao Wenjing, Wenwei also had a major weakness: When she takes just a tiny drop of alcohol, she instantly gets drunk. Villians who attempted to kidnap Wenwei would realise it is an easy matter - Just sell her a can of beer disguised as a can of coke.

Trouble brews when Wen Wei's new superior Picasso Soh began giving her trouble, often causing both of them to quarrel and backstab each other during work. Wen Wei got to know Cheng Yi, who was also Picasso's good friend. She decided to hire Cheng Yi for a major project that was entrusted to her, after seeing how good Cheng Yi was in dismantling and setting up computers and air-conditioners - He is after all, a mutant genius.

However, Picasso decided to end Cheng Yi's contract, much to Wenwei's dismay when she realises that her project would fail without Cheng Yi. Her mind snapped and she used a knife to injure Picasso, resulting in him being sent to a hospital. Picasso reported her to the police and Wenwei was arrested, awaiting bail. However, the police made a mistake - They thought Wenwei was a man, and sent her to stay in a cell with men! The police realised their mistake only after Wenwei insisted that the Prison Warden check her NRIC, much to the amusement of Picasso who visited her for the purpose of taunting her.

In the end, Wenwei is killed in the Women's prison after Qusay Bin Laden decided that there shouldn't be any homosexuals in the Prison - He fired a sub-nuclear ballistic missile at the prison where Wenwei is staying in...

  • Nathaniel Ho (鹤天赐/鶴天賜) as Bao Wenguo (宝文国/寶文國)

Bao Wenguo (played by Nathaniel Ho) awaits enlistment into National Service but resents it because of the pressure from his father Pengju, and often resorts to malingering to escape from camp trainings. Wenguo, being one of the main characters in this series, did what most conscripted soldiers did in real life - Aiming to become Clerks and Storemen. He failed to get his desired vocation, but he still got a good bargain - He became an RP (Regimental Policeman), whose main role is to do guard duty to protect a particular camp or base. However, a bizarre twist of fate brought him into the camp where his brother is in, and Wenjing was told by his father to keep watch on him whenever he is the Duty Officer.

Under Wenjing and Pengju's supervision, Wenguo still has to train hard for his IPPT (Individual Physical Proficiency Test). After some pushing by his brother, Wenguo managed to get Gold for his IPPT, and he secretly used the $200 award that he received to buy some illegal 5.56mm M16 rounds at Beach Road. Wenguo also noticed that an apparently fake model of the SFG (Singapore Fragmentation Grenade) was put up for sale at a cost of S$30, and decided to buy it to put on his shelf for display. When he reaches home, he was shocked when he realized that was a real SFG that can kill people! He decided to keep mum about his lucky find.

Three days later, he received another rude shock - Military Policemen (MPs in short) appeared at his doorstep. Apparently, they received a tip-off from vendors on Beach road that Wenguo bought some illegal stuff, and were granted a Search Warrant to search his house. Luckily for him, Wenguo's brother Wenjing, and his father Pengju were in the house, and they asked the MPs what they wanted. Awed by their appearance, the Military Policemen decided to call their boss to enquire whether to continue with the search or not. The Boss, upon hearing of the presence of the awesome Wenjing, became nervous, and told them to retreat from the house - The dogs of the Singapore Armed Forces cannot afford to offend the elites of the SAF. It turned out that the boss of the MPs was a close associate of Wenjing![3]

In the finale, Wenguo helped Wenjing to defeat the evil Qusay Bin Laden by revealing to Wenjing the villian's weakness: The Ultraman-style flashing red light on his chest. As a reward for ridding Singapore of an anti-hetereosexual homosexual pest, Wenguo was sentenced to three months in the Detention Barracks, because he had smuggled firearms out of camp without permission.

Supporting characters in the show[edit]

Picasso is Wenwei's superior. Unfortunately, he isn't as talented as his name sounds, as he often resorted to backstabbing and asslicking to get his way to the top. When Picasso isn't busy acting in the sitcom of Phua Chu Kang as Phua Chu Beng, he stays in his office pretending to be hard at work. In actual fact, half of his time in office is spent on learning Chinese so that he can speak that language better when it is his turn to talk in this exciting drama.

Picasso, although not a gay (This show must be explicit on whoever is or isn't homosexual), is still a good friend of the evil Cheng Yi. Picasso also have the mutant power of Sixth-sense, and he one day sensed that Cheng Yi is hiding something from everybody. He decided to end Cheng Yi's contract, much to Wenwei's dismay when she realises that her project would fail without Cheng Yi. Her mind snapped and she used a knife to injure Picasso, resulting in him being sent to a hospital. Picasso reported her to the police and Wenwei was arrested.

Bao Wenzhong is the son of Bao Pengju. Unknown to his family, Wenzhong harbours the shocking secret: He is a HOMOSEXUAL! A Gay! However, he found a friend by the name of Cheng Yi who shared the same ideals that homosexuals should be accepted in society. Soon after Cheng Yi also revealed to Wenzhong that he is gay, and a gay relationship between the two men began. Wenzhong is the devil amongst the Wenjing and the Bao family as he is the one who leaked important information to his lover Cheng Yi.

Wenzhong even informed the terrorist Cheng Yi that his brother Wenjing is going to catch him. However, Wenzhong committed suicide in the end when he found out that Cheng Yi was a Muslim Terrorist by the name of Qusay Bin Laden.[4]

Yan Fei was the top Gambler in the world who left his position after his son Yan Xing was killed fighting the remnants of the G.I Joe's nemesis, the Cobra Organisation. He vowed only to work as a mercenary. He aided Cheng Yi once, but regreted it and switched sides to aid Wenjing.

  • Hong Hui Fang (洪慧芳) as Liu Ya-mei (刘亚妹/劉亞妹)

A middle-aged, female Warrant Officer (Aka Chief Clerk) in the Army. She is in love with Bao Pengju, but backed off after she found out that he is Zordon, the inter-dimensional alien who founded the Power Rangers. She is treated very kindly by the members of the Bao family, because she is the only one in the family who can cook and sew without causing people to fall ill or have an epileptic fit.

  • Dawn Yeoh (姚懿珊) as Liang Xiao Nuo (梁小诺/梁小諾)

A stalker whom Wenzhong constantly tried to avoid. She is a fanatic supporter of gay's rights, although she was no homosexual. In the end, Cheng Yi recruited her into his fanatical terrorist group (The Reformed Al-Qaeda of Homosexual Rights), and used her as a suicide bomb to invade Wenjing's camp, since Singaporean soldiers are not allowed to check women, NOT EVEN THEIR BAGS!

  • Huang Wenyong (黄文永) as Bao Pengju (宝鹏举/寶鵬舉)

The father of Bao Wenjing, Bao Wenzhong, Bao Wenguo, and Bao Wenwei. He retires and gave a set of samurai armour to Wenjing. That samurai armour allows Wenjing to become a super-powered, ultimate Samurai Power Ranger. In the special 21st episode aired only on the internet, he was revealed to be Zordon, the inter-dimensional alien who founded the Power Rangers. It turned out that he disguised himself as a human to hide himself from his enemies, and adopted three children and one daughter to act as his children. It was NO WONDER why the three brothers and sister DID NOT RESEMBLE EACH OTHER AT ALL.


Many Singaporeans were divided over this series. In general, the female audience looked favourably upon this series, because the show has their idols in it (Namely Tay Ping Hui, Ix Shen, Pierre Png), and most of these idols took the role of heroes who saved the day, along with the female protagonists. However, as for most of the male audience, in particular those who are serving, or have served their compulsory National Service, ridiculed the series for being another Army Propaganda (It is sponsored by MINDEF). They criticised the series' biased portrayal of Army life in Singapore, and they claimed that it is another poor attempt by the Singapore Armed Forces to give Singaporeans the impression that they are competent enough for any major challenges they might face in the future.

The ending also received mass criticism from the audience for its references to Power Rangers, Transformers and Ultraman. Rumour had it that the scriptwriter and director were on drugs when they were producing the scenes for the finale, which even led to Police investigations. No charges were pressed though. Outraged fans of the show, in particularly those who had an intense dislike for Power Rangers, went into protests in the streets after the special 21st episode was made available for viewing on the internet. The episode revealed Bao Pengju who is the show's family patriach, to be Zordon, the founder of the original Power Rangers.

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  1. This essentially means he doesn't take a break at all for 120 hours - Very 'garang'!
  2. See also Magneto. Their lives and fates are similar.
  3. This section about Bao Wenguo's life is an injoke about the Singapore Army.
  4. See also Judas of the Holy Bible's New Testament. Their lives and fates are similar.

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