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“In Soviet Russia, horseshoes almost count YOU!!!”

Horseshoes, also spelled "whore shoes," was invented in 2005 in Woodstock, IL. The game involves two teams of horseshoers and four horseshoes. Each horseshoer puts the horseshoe on his or her "kicking foot" and proceeds to kick the horseshoe towards a post. The winner is determined when everyone is tired of kicking.

The scoring system is as follows:

  • One point for each "clinking" sound.
  • One point for each tree hit.
  • One bonus point for using the off-foot.
  • Three points for kicking it too far to the left.
  • Five points for hitting the post and uprooting it.
  • Five points for losing your balance and falling over.
  • Ten points for each drink taken between "clinks".
  • Ten points for having no use of your arms.

NOTE: Please remove the shoes from the horse before playing. The player who throws the shoes while still on the horse will in turn be thrown by the horse. Horseshoes tend to be less lucky in such an instance.