HowTo:Annoy your Sister

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How To: Annoy your sister[edit]

Sisters are the most annoying thing on the planet...That is if you have already killed your brother. Sisters can be Sisters could be / Sisters are the biggest pain in the ass... That is, unless she fucks you.

What she uses to PISS YOU OFF![edit]

Sisters usualy get you into trouble by:

  • Making you punch her
  • She will spill or break something and say that you did it
  • Hold an object ransom for some reason
  • Whines and bitches about your existence on this earth to your parent(s)/guardian(s)
  • Constantly annoys you to the max

How to avoid it[edit]

Things like this can be really bad for your health and well-being. So why not make it hell for them! Constant taunting, practical jokes and (the most satisfying!) embarrassing her in front of her peers is recommended. Some of these are:

  • Buying a packet of chocolate that she will die for and not give her any (the brother strikes back)
  • Finding her secret diary. WARNING! The diary may be guarded by the traps from Mission: Impossible. Watch out when stealing her diary. Make sure you know exactly where she keeps it and when she leaves the room, go in, get it and GET THE FUCK OUT! she might come back any minute.
  • Stealing her dildo/vibrator. Follow the same instructions as finding her secret diary.
  • Pour custard all over her favourite dress (highly recommended)
  • Hide ketchup and mustard packets in her most expensive shoes
  • Find her secret diary and call the guy's phone number with the label "cute/hot/spunky guy" and tell him that your sister is horny for him
  • Steal her nylon panties or her laciest bra and raise it on the school's flagpole.
  • Let your pet tarantula or snake loose in her bedroom

Now go make your sister's life HELL!!!