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Horizontal Lines[edit]





Used Sparingly


Course {{Tip|Right|Using the right kind of flour will be what make the cookie good or bad. Do not use defective






On All Our


Blue Boxes[edit]





Did you know…
that this article uses everything in their proper place?


Is useless.



Everything you see on Wikipedia is false. It also features many dead links: that's dead links, D-E-D!

An example of dead links, from text on Wikipedia:

San Francisco also has public transportation.

Examples include buses, taxis, and streetcars.

Wikipedia employs exactly four people. Nine of them are Jimbo Wales. He will be running for President of the Underworld five-thousand years from tomorrow, in neo1927.


Yes, this section is safe for work. No, I don't feel sorry for you. Uncyclopedia is not the place for those sorts of things; for slutty trash, head on over to Wikipedia.


Pictures are Images, except not on LSD (Little Small Details), also known by the street name "Pixels". Some Pictures, known as Print-Outs, are Pictures that have escaped from Printertitiaries, often due to their accomplice, "The Prince(ter) of Pictures" working behind the scenes to get the files (the Printertitiary keeps a file on every Picture, of course.) to "Print", or put an LSD tattoo on 8.5x11 pieces of "paper". The Prince(ter) keeps a record on his "hard drive" of each "printed" Picture's GIF, JPG, PNG, or DNA.


Pictures who have been injected with Little Small Details are not legal on Uncyclopedia; you can therefore do whatever you want.

Chess Photos[edit]

We don't want a picture of your chess game. It doesn't matter how good that move was, no one cares. Uncyclopedia is NOT THE PLACE FOR YOUR CHESS PHOTOS. We did not see you at the tournament, and if we had, we would have axed your Queen in half. You'd probably roll 352d685 and prove that the Queen becomes a zombie Queen, because that's just how odd you are. We Don't Think You Are Cool! Just kidding about that; we would have actually chopped the Queen in nine pieces.

Here we see the Wilde Jungle Kat playing against the Voodoo Chicken Pie. The VCP is using the famous OMG defense, in an attempt to stop the WJK's Emo Offense, which roughly involves throwing pieces into danger and complaining when people avoid them and it's not fair and I hate you all and I'm bringing a g- oops, never mind, [email protected]$!

Finishing Articles

Remember, most articles are useless. The rest are on Uncyclopedia. If you see an article on Uncyclopedia, you can sure it is free of errors in the grammars, the spels is gud, and no sentunces just stop all of the sudden midse

=Formatted Well[edit]

“A formatted well is a water drawing structure with installed files deleted and original factory settings restored.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Formatted Well

“Your mom's-a formatted well!”

~ Mario on Oscar Wilde on Formatted Well



Do not use too many tips all together! Tips are not good!


And make sure the setting you use exists; you don't want to know whatt happened last time someone forgot that...


Avoid Redundancy in multiple tips.


Don't Repeat Yourself


use the same capitalization style in all tips, please.


And too many tips just isn't very good.


Yep, too many tips just isn't a good idea.

Remember: Link to other articles. Everybody is happy when you do that.

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DoNt Randomly CapITALIZE things its no gooDAnd use proper punctuations Don't put templates in ran

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dom locations, especially in mid-word.


The official IPB-licensed Pasketmaul Coat of Arms.
Spot the difference: Yugumbigysenadori International Stadium 3 days later.

If you use images in your articles, then everybody will love you. That's why you should use images in your articles. It's also smart to use images that have

to do with your article.


Using images sparingly is, quite honestly, the stupidest idea in the world. Feel free to do it, whenever.

This guy's just waiting for you to not find humor on this page. You just wait, eventually you'll realize it's not, and then he'll win.
This film got three whole Acadummy Awards; just goes to show what can win one of those!

Make sure you include something or another about copyright, or else someone will beat you.

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This guy always used plenty of images whenever he edited his articles on Uncyclopedia. He died one day, because John Wilkes Booth, who was a horrible shot, tried to protect him from seeing an un-imaged article by repeatedly shooting at the screen. Officials still don't know when wifi was installed in the theater.


Avoiding Total Stupidity[edit]

Occasionally, you'll get an article that's just plain stupid. The author was really bored one day, and developed an article that was, well, pointless. Your best bet is to remove the crap; you could also laugh at the moron who wrote the crap, if he accidentally gave you permission to do so, in the article. Frickin' moron. If he calls himself a frickin' moron, well... you feel free to do exactly the same. Maybe rant on his user page that he's a total moron. That's what truly develops the Uncyclopedia community: ranting on user pages. And when we form that community, we eventually realize the author of all those dumb pages isn't any more a frickin' moron than any of us, when he realizes the exact opposite, and we have opposing points of view and form awesome pages that show just how diverse we all are. Hugs, anyone?