HowTo:Be A Student in Belfast

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DRINK! lots. There are plenty of bars close enough to the lecture halls of all subjects that you can make it to your lessons before the stumbling kicks in. The Eg, a tasteless little joint is idealy located between Halls and campus, and what's more, they do 6 pound shot ladders! Ideal for med students, any of the sciences. There is a pharmacy for you fucking weepy drama students, where film students can top up their vitamin levels, curing the symptoms of a pizza based diet. If you take anthropology, ethnomusicology or philosophy it is advised to visit Lavery's, where a stoning venue is available, along with lots of the obligatory beverages. Its the only way you're ever going to understand a lecture by Avi Tucker.

Places to go: - Fucking home, if you're from the area. Cuz your only 18, how can you be expected to wash your own undies?? mass exodus commences promptly at 9 am on friday. Early departure at 4 pm on thursday for those with pre-wash items. - The slimelight provides a dancefloor full of moshing chem students, what more could a girl (or Italian ) want? theres even a big ole 'pulling pole' in the centre of the floor. Local custom dictates that anyone wishing to be faceraped lounge casually thereon until a equally desperate member of the opposite sex appears, usualy within a matter of seconds. They will then offer you a drink out of their plastic cup of backwash, this is intended to give one a preview of the inside of there mouth. If the flavour pleases you, say 'its tastes like quality street!' and proced as you see fit.

theres more to do, but you probably wont remember doing it.