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LotofLOLS. He's been very popular, from writing Mr winkler is GAY to being adopted by THE to requesting that Mr winkler is GAY be deleted because of Cyberbullying, Then getting banned for the following reason. Wouldn't you like to step into his shoes and become him, wouldn't you want to merge yourself with him and cause lots of havok, or maybe even try to get lots of awards or flame someone while he was given an F on the assignment. Well my friend, this guide is for you.

Becoming Him[edit]

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The first thing in being LotofLOLS would to be acting like LotofLOLS. As you can see here, he posted a message that slanders Mr. Winkler on giving him an F on an assignment, how he is gay, how he should Get Some Sick and how stupid he is. He also tried to get it removed but failed and got himself banned in the process, as his user contributions show. He is nothing more than a 5th Grader who flamed his english teacher.

The next importent thing is the username and spelling. To forge your username is easy, just add anything before or after LotofLOLS and presto, you are now a supposed sockpuppet. An example of this is NOTLotofLOLS which has fooled the masses due to it's obvious username and the IP behind it wasn't registered to LotofLOLS as his IP Address is, which would be an obvious tell. But the admins will not care because of it's username, pure bold genius.

And how about creating that username, well it's easy. As shown here, LotofLOLS account creation is blocked.

His account creation may be blocked but since you have a diffrent IP address. You can create one, heres how. See the button called log out? Click that and then go to log in but click create a new account but this time create an account like shown here.


The password won't matter because the account will instantly be banned the moment you post something in Uncyclopedia, therefore. You have rocked the system. The other important thing is the proxy because you don't want to reveal to the admins that LotofLOLS is you is it. So do a google search for "Anonymous Proxy" and press enter. You'll find a lot of sites on proxies, what you'll want to do is click one and check the proxies on the list for a valid United States proxy. Once that's done you can go to Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings and click advanced, then you'll want to click on the big box that says "Use a proxy for my lan." Then enter the proxy's IP address and port and now, you are truely LotofLOLS.

Another thing to get down is spelling, which is the easiest thing to do. As shon her, speelng iz esy to do becuse its so simpe. te wy u typ it iz zo esy, evrybod wil thik ur LotofLOLS. As done with Mr winkler im SORRY, created by NOTLotofLOLS, a LotofLOLS knockoff. As shown by the body of it, you can easily fool anyone as shown here.


Im sory tht i cald u GAY, I sory tht I cald u THE WORST PERSON EVER, im so sory. i promse tht i wil do my homwok on time ad i wil promse nt to cal u GAY evar agin. jut plese dont kick me ot of privte schol, plese, im beging you!!1!!!1!!11!, il promse to redo the wok u gav me n F on, il promse to com ovr and vist ur family, il promse to do anythng u wnt. just plse dont kik me ot, its fr the famly shakes, plese fid forgvnes n ur hart mr winkler. plese lok into ur hart nd giv me anothr chnce!!!11!!1111 IM SORY!!!111!111111!1!!!!1!1!1!!


This emulates a LotofLOLS in a LotofWAYS as he is whiny, bratty and a horrible begging and speller. If you can mimic that. Nice job

Now this leaves the question on what to do when you finally log on as your own little fake LotofLOLS. Why simple you ask, I suggest that you post on the village dump on why LotofLOLS was banned (aka you.), Post on having lots of awards and post a new article alltogether featuring Mr. Winkler and Mispelling.

What do I do?[edit]

Duh, Now you go on Uncyclopedia and you finally release yourself. Therefore becoming the inner LotofLOLS you always wanted to be, but you were afraid to. Like for example, complaining, writing horrible articles, complaining about Mr. Winkler, creating <insert name here> is GAY and so on. Hell if you're even risky enough, you can even beome Mr. Winkler himself. Who knows, you might just get lucky. Now that you've mastered crafting your own LotofLOLS. Might I suggest crafting your own Sockpuppet, or getting banned or actually try at writing a good article. In fact, why don't you just give up.

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