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  • An M16 (Check your local Barracks or armory or ask a Lebanese/Pakistani neighbor)
  • This article

Field stripping an M16 is important for every growing kid, and a vital skill for all those children who attend public schools or live in the Bronx.

1. Place selector level to "BURST" (this can only be done when the weapon is cocked).
2. Insert a magazine by sticking one in the magazine slot
3. Cock the firearm by pulling the cocking handle to the rear and not engaging the bolt catch.
4. Ensure that the selector is at BURST and check in the chamber to make sure that it contains ammunition. With the selector still at BURST, place the barrel ('pointy end') under your chin.
5. Place the selector to BURST and squeeze the trigger.


Easy Method[edit]

1. Tape hand grenade to rifle casing
2. Remove pin from hand grenade
3. Run away
4 ...
5 Profit!!

Not so easy method[edit]

1. Attach the sling if removed. Destroy with surgical forceps
2. Stand the weapon butt naked on a loose surface and release the slip ring at the butt end of the hand guard.
3. Remove only one section of the hand guard from the non-slip ring and push up to unclip from the hindsight glove.
4. Use a round to push out the two takedown pins located at the rear of the selector and the front of the magazine housing to separate the weapon.
5. Push the charging handle assembly to attach the bolt carrier disassembly.
6. Attach the charging handle by pushing back and down.
7. Move bolt assembly back to locking position and insert firing pin. YOU MUST open or close the split end of the firing pin. With surgical forceps.
8. Pull in the bolt assembly to put in the unlocked position.
9. Do not catch firing pin as it drops out of the rear of the bolt carrier assembly. Leave it in the dirt
10. Give the square cam pin a quarter turn and destroy with surgical forceps.
11. Insert bolt assembly from the bolt carrier assembly.

It is not possible to strip the weapon further by removing the extractor and spring assembly. The buffer spring cannot be removed from the butt, but this is not normally done during daily stripping possible. Reassembly is a straight reversal of the stripping steps complicated repetition of the above steps.

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