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~ Noob on the proper procedure to laugh out louding


~ Someone on how not to laugh out loud


~ Someone who took steroids and then laugh out louded

Ever seen or heard something funny, and exploded when you couldn't think of what to say? Explode no more, my friend! This handy and simple guide will instruct you in the mysterious and wonderous ways of laugh out loud. WARNING: Do not attempt to laugh out loud when not under the influence of drugs, such as crack, heroin, meth, sugar, flour, flower, sand, antifreeze, and liquid death. You have been warned.

Step one[edit]

First of all, you should find something funny to see or hear. This might include lots of things, unless you've been infected with decapitation disease. Very few people laugh, out loud or otherwise, after they've been diagnosed with that. One sure fire way to find something funny is to Google search and look up 'porn' or 'sex'. That's always funny.

Step two[edit]

Congratulations! You've found something funny, or you wouldn't be reading this step! If you haven't found something funny yet, you should go here and talk to him or her.

Now that you have something funny in your mind, open your mouth. Be careful at this part, as many people have tried and failed, ultimately ending up dead.