HowTo:Punch Someone in the Face

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Welcome! If you came here, you probably wanna punch some asshole in the face for A: Revenge, B: Boredom, or C: because you feel like it. Well, if that is the case, you came to the right place.


These are for pacifist wimps.
Ah...much better.

So, you want to punch someone in the face? Good. In this section, we will cover what you need, and why you should.

What You Need[edit]

Two: Fists.

One: You.

One: Person To Punch.

One: Hand weapon. (Recommended, but optional.)

One: The want to punch this dick in the face (Once again, very recommended, but optional.)


A douchebag that really needs to get punched in the face.

You may be wondering, "Why should i punch so-and-so in the face?". Look, if you really need a reason, look at him/her. What did they do to make you want to physically hit them? Eh, who cares.


Every task requires preparation. So does punching someone in the face. Unless you happen to be Axl Rose.


Some good preparation would be to eat healthy for a few weeks prior to punching them. Start eating lots of vegetables, and proteins. Then eat Carbs and moderately fatty foods. Be sure to avoid Cows.

This guy is homoerotic and prepared to punch someone in the face.


  • Do 1 million push ups, sit ups, pull ups, and hit a punching bag till your arm nearly comes off. Note: if your arm does come off, please discontinue reading this. Then run to the next state and back without stopping. You should be strong now.


Steroids are a vital part of this process. Take at least one pound of steroids a day.

End of Preparation[edit]

Now you should be really tough, broke, and pissed off.

Final Step[edit]

Slug that asshole in the face.