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James Henry's signature a work of art!

Creating a singature even a standard one can be very difficult at times. Just ask Lt. Wyoming who still struggles with it everyday. Until the year 2006 Uncyclopedia users who couldn't do a simple signature when nominating articles were viewed as possibly retarted and or noob. Then with the emergence of very intellignet people who possibly weren't that great using wikipedia type formats something drastic had to be done! Thus the admins or Uncyclopedia sprung into action to stop the epidemic before it spread to seasoned veterans of the website.

History of the Signature[edit]

Nobody is quite sure why the signature has become so important to life in the past 2 billion years, but some believe it is due to such cool signature as the one of John Hancock. There have also been wars fought over signatures such as the Civil War which was quite a civil war, was fought after Abraham Lincoln insulted Lee Harvey Oswald's signature. The war ended after Oswald discovered he was left handed and not right like he had been writing all these years. Signatures recently have become more complex and downright confusing these confusing sigs are primarily preformed by Celebrities. Celebs do this so that poor people or commoners can't forge their signatures a common practice encouraged by the Rapper's Bible.

A common celebrity signature belonging to Jessica Simpson or Darth Television

The epidemic[edit]

In 2006 world famous and nominee for Uncyclopedia:Useless Gobshite of the Month Lt. Wyoming began nominating sub-par articles for featuring. He obviously hadn't read HowTo:Write a Featured Article. Still many admins became agitated with this incessant misuse of the nomination system so they had a big group huddle. They decided first it would be best to give this Lt. Wyoming a chance and assigned Sir Severian Severian1.jpg CUN.png (Sprich mit mir!) Kraut.png to take the noob under his wing. At first Sir Severian was kind and gentle, but he was later filled with uncontrollable rage and turned on the dumbfounded Lt. Wyoming by hitting him with a steel chair. Then maliciously hackled his account. Lt. Wyoming was alone and now with slight editing manages to put up a barely passable signature. He hopes to win the Uncyclopedia:Useless Gobshite of the Month award because at least he'll be featured somewhere then. Unlike previous articles he's tried to get nominated like The War on Drugs. Admins hope that his bad signature writing won't spread to other unsuspecting noobs, but hey people couldn't stop the Bubonic Plague.

Admins discuss possibly deleting a noob's account due to his/her improper use of signature signing and horrible VFH nominations.


1.Go to the VFH page 2.Press the edit button. 3. Copy how other veteran users do it. 4. Then

Or You could just press the damn button for signature on the toolbar but it still doesn't work like they say!