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Fuck man, let's not exaggarate that...”

~ Oscar Wilde on Hristo Stoichkov

“No "mamata", no "mamata"”

~ European Referees on Hristo Stoichkov
Hristo Stoichkov (right) and Bateto(left) on an world-importaint meeting in the Pentagon, about the sellin of 2012's Olympic Games

Hristo Stoichkov, also known as Kamata, is one of the famous well mannered bulgarian activists from the KyP (Kind Yoghurt People, don't ask me why...) ogranisation, preparing the world for the great mangal invasion in 2044.


Hristo Stoichkov was born in 1944 in the small town of Laskovo (recently turned into a great chicken industry megapolis) and raised by a tribe of wild mangals in the mistical woods of south Dacota (south of the so called Stara Planina Mountain). He used to live like one of them for about 10-15 years and soon assimilated their distinctive manner of behaviour, which many scientists believe, he is still using today. In the 1960's he was found by a group of nazi scientist, lost many years ago in their mission of finding the Lost Ark and possibly the remains of Lili Ivanova inside. But after the nazis were attacked by the rival Lili Ivanova rescuing mission of Vashko da Gama, Hriso Stoichkov was brought to the museum of natural art in Barcelona as a living speciment of the so called missing link between the human and Bill Clinton. There began his football career...


Hristo Stoichkov holds the world records for the greatest amount of polite curses on one referee during a football game, the most false penalty dives in one football meeting and simultaneously famous for breaking the main referee's leg at the end of the match. Hristo Stoichkov has recently became a coach of the Bulgarian National Football Team, which has resulted in a raise of the cultural qualities of the players. Hristo Stoichkov has sold The Golden Ball to buy a tube of Carlovska Rakia Prevazhodna


He got his nickname "Kamata" ("The Dagger") after scoring a penalty goal in FIFA 94 BG Edition to all the players in the irc channel #putkata_maina.

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