Humongous Fungus

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Humongous Fungus sounds great and terrible at the same time, because it is indeed great and terrible. Feared and dreadful the humongous fungus crush many of its opponents that didn't if they should laugh or run in terror. The humongous fungus may surprise, instill doubt, confuse, induce hesitation, or many other things that are engraved with power, but in the end it will enventually crush you. Huge is a small word to describe the humongous fungus, some says the humongous fungus doesn't fit in hugeness. Because of its size, you can run but you can't escape it, nor you can see it in its whole globality.

In their times the Ancients were already talking of a humongous fungus, also known as The Ancient Humongous Fungus, which is even more fearful. Recent researchs tends to proove that The Ancient Humongous Fungus and the humongous fungus are one and same, which could mean that the humongous fungus is omniescient.

Every humongous fungus concerned person is forcefully advised to plant a sign Beware of the omniscient humongous fungus in public view at least once in his/her life. This is part of the fund lacking so-called 'humongous fungus public information and prevention program'.

Other Uses[edit]

Humongous Fungus is also a great card combo in the munchkin card game, (although seriously funny, this is not a joke!)

Ancient Humongous Fungus is even greater card combo in the munchkin card game, (although even more seriously funny, this is not a joke either! )