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Hyde TakaraiFile:Ongaku040406.jpg is a Japanese musician/vampire. Born on January 29, 1402, he lived with his mother and father in a small apartment in rural Tokyo. In 1407 the family moved to the seas south of America, traveling by plane. He was raised in the Caribbean along with his mortal brother, Johnny Depp.

Raised in the ways of piracy from the young age of four (human years), Hyde has developed super pirate sword/bomb/talk skills and will totally kick your butt if say he doesn’t. He picked on his brother a lot, mostly by telling him there was a monster under the bed and then disguising young Johnny’s teddy bear as the Boogie man. For the sake of Johnny’s mind they sent him to France, enrolling him in a psychiatric hospital. The parents erased the part of their son’s mind containing memories of his younger brother, explaining why he doesn’t think they are related.

They moved back to Japan in 1414 and his father enrolled Hyde in music classes.

While studying guitar, drums, harmonica, and saxophone at the school, Hyde was often picked/hit on by the other boys; especially Gackt Camui- who is madly in love with Hyde, believing him to be female.

File:Hyde249.jpgFrom 1506-1594 Hyde worked as a prostitute on a street corner(or table corner in the red table district)- often being bought by men; mostly Gackt. In 1595 Hyde gave up his street life, sick on the constant sexual harassment from Gackt, and got a real job working at Mr. Doughnuts.

He worked there until the day Tetsu walked into the store and ordered an iced coffee (December of 1991) while Hyde was working on cashier. Tetsu- impressed with Hyde’s good looks and unbelievably sexy voice- knew instantly that he had to have Hyde as the singer for his band, L'Arc~en~Ciel. He wasted no time at all in wooing Hyde to join his band. Hyde joined so he could politely refuse Gackt’s offer of creating a band together.

In 1992, Hyde joined the band and they quickly rose to fame. He has been there ever since, wooing fangirls and Gackts alike.

Around 2000, Gackt asked Hyde to marry him and Hyde was so appalled that in a desperate attempt for escape from Gackt, he picked a random girl off the street and married her instead. Insiders claim her name is Megumi but no one really cares. It is false that Gackt came to wedding (Hyde was still in shock). Instead Gackt stayed home and tried to place a death curse on Megumi, via voodoo or something of that vampire art stuff.

Currently Hyde resides in Japan. He spends his time smoking, writing songs (mostly about death and stuff), charming fangirls, and running from Gackt who just can’t let go.

--Kyon2 00:34, 28 January 2007 (UTC) As told to me by pinkpixie and maliciouskitty